How many words are there in the advertising LeagueExperience CPA registration division really assig

2008-10-22 18:25:13 –

2008-10-22 18:31:58 –

, 2008-10-22, 18:31:42, 51vk, union, customer service,

6, treat every webmaster, a IP day significantly less, every day thousands of IP is not significant, "Xianpinaifu" is a taboo advertising alliance.

, Michiru fly brother ?

, 2008-10-22, 18:28:09, 51vk, union, customer service,

I didn’t cheat again.


How I want to fly an ? , Michiru fly brother

2008-10-22 18:31:53 –

` brother – will not make the mistake. So no one group also has a few guys that the password is wrong. One of the guys said something bad and was kicked out right away. I contacted the customer service again, and then he got my ID number and asked me for a check.

, 2008-10-22, 18:30:55, 51vk, union, customer service,

, Michiru fly brother

7, part of union fee is high, some deductions of 10%, despite the price tag, but why not like some Union as "Qi run all advertising commission payment fees by qirun bear, the main site is from the actual settlement amount of

then I didn’t apply for payment,

if you cheat, you won’t be paid

said a few words to the advertising unions

` flying brother chats – Michiru, I looked really funny.

on today, nothing has been done, picked up a job, do a website optimization. Thinking about how to do it.

The following is a friend

2008-10-22 18:28:33 –

, Michiru fly brotherWhat about

2, the webmaster estimate with me although I may not be called the webmaster, will not and bad reputation alliance cooperation, let alone those anonymous league.

, your account number is sent

? , Michiru fly brother ?

8, and some League Limited hits, more than 8% is not charged, that is, if the display of 100 IP, and click 8 times, in fact, you do not get a penny. If the advertising and content match highly, why not exceed 8%? Such an alliance is forcing the owner to leave the worst advertisement to him.

2008-10-22 18:31:09 –

won’t give it to me,

, Michiru fly brother


effect is too bad,

5 can do, alliance does not deduct the amount? Real time display on the effect, I would appreciate a "real-time display click effect fifth, click on the horizon" real-time display effect of alliance and many, such as the limit, Qi Yun, told the network, if an advertising alliance heart is not a ghost, why not do it?

` s brother today opened 51VK fly an alliance to see, last week issued no commissions. It turned out that your account password was wrong. Contact the customer service, and then tell me whether the password is forgotten or input error.

? , Michiru fly brother

, 2008-10-22, 18:31:21, 51vk, union, customer service,

what’s wrong with my account number,

3, and the webmaster does not want much, just want to get what he deserves. The stationmaster wishes to be treated fairly and fairly.

9, why advertising effect is so bad, I made an alliance, click rate is 1/3000, I make friends up, also did not show, so I understand the reason put in effect is the result of poor union buckle quantity, so if the union buckle quantity hard, webmaster choice is to temporarily abandon the alliance.

2008-10-22 18:31:06 –

your balance will be paid by tomorrow, but the alliance decided to stop working with you,



looked at group, but also very lively. A webmaster friends ` my brother and I will fly – Michiru vented his distress over.

10, some union claimed that "we affirm for cheating tolerance is 0, once found a blocked account, and deduct the Commission, need to rely on everyone to maintain good faith!", I used half a sentence to interpret the "hateful", from the second half of the sentence read is "false", this alliance is too proud. For some reason, the webmaster for the union is also a lot of forbearance and forbearance. Everybody look at the definition of "popcorn alliance" to "what is cheating" is simply put shit! please keep editing this two words, I am conceited!, alliance Yisifumu >

1, the most damage to Adsense is advertising alliance, when an alliance endlessly to the webmaster fraud, this alliance will be cast aside by the webmaster. As the so-called "popcorn alliance", perhaps the league as "popcorn" as "junk" food video, we all know that there are more problems is not the webmaster popcorn alliance.

2008-10-22 18:24:16 –

4, advertising alliance not superior, cooperation is not who ask who, but not superior and subordinate relations,


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