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one, similar products. The advantage lies in the corresponding resource channels, which can save a lot of time and develop new products quickly. When faced with difficulties, mature products have been established brand. Such an Internet model will inevitably save a lot of development time, but the product promotion is more difficult. Therefore, here may as well give a small recommendation, will be all the advantages of traditional products, effective collection, highlighting the concentration of functionality.

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sum up: no matter which of the two is chosen, it must have the corresponding idea. Simply speaking, there is a goal. That way, you won’t lose your way. Conversely, the direction of confusion, but also look forward to go far,


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today’s network development is in a period of rapid development. And the derivation of the new network has undergone a qualitative change. In other words, the network of art, will give people a pleasant surprise. Simple example: People’s traditional mode of call, by WeChat’s impact by a lot of injuries". Voice chat visual software has long been derived from abroad. And the birth of the domestic WeChat, to make up for this vacancy, the rapid access to user support. Therefore, today’s network environment, for Entrepreneurs: it is both a challenge and an opportunity.


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aspects two: heterogeneous products. Is the integrity of the adoption of innovative methods, to subvert the traditional situation of industry leaders, there is a certain degree of tension. This is an example of what can be cited. For example: the Qihoo 360, free security guards used many years ago, and has become a pioneer in safety. And then to the search market, pioneered the user based form, breaking the commercial first model, search market share, in a gradual upgrade.

in the face of this situation, the entrepreneurs in front of two ways: first, take the traditional model; two, take the road of innovation. In simple terms, is it a similar product or a different product?. Therefore, according to the following two aspects of the final statement:

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, as an innovator, needs more time to do research and development of products. In other words, the use of different marketing models, give full play to the highlights of the product, to a certain high point. The two models are based on the new product. So make a product that has a bright spot.

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