After 90 Entrepreneurs will not spend 10 million to buy Papi sauce adSun Hongbin Jia Yueting’s mu


these two days, about the latest news and music: Li Jiacheng’s music to the public enterprise debt.


Papi sauce is made of users sought for its funny Tucao short video, homemade short video content provided mode similar to the early "beast called Yi xing". But none of the Papi’s 8 million fans are paid, and no one knows if they’re willing to pay for the Papi sauce. In contrast, it is poison. The poison is the first live YY platform, until today, poison live real-time viewing number can still reach millions, "YY does not fall, with drugs to the old slogan scattered in every corner of the barrage, fans of hundreds of thousands of dollars gift only in exchange for a high cold" thank you". People familiar with the ecology of the YY anchor once told me that poisons bring at least millions of cash streams to YY every month, which is a veritable "money making machine"

reported that after arranging for the CEO, Sun Hongbin mentioned Jia Yueting only when it came to cars.

media latest reports: music as the new president Liang Jun will serve as a listed company LETV SZ300104 president.

last November, 16>

high-profile enter the United States is not optimistic, only $15 million sales target period, far from the expected $100 million, LETV for American companies have to lay off 175 people, while the music company in India has been ahead of 85% layoffs.

since April, as music is still bad news.

LETV North American automobile factory construction? April 24th, daily economic news reporter visits, "at the scene, the reporter did not find Faraday’s future office staff or project construction personnel, only the eagle circled in the howling wind."

"Chinese first red", 10 million fans, WeChat news subscription number 100 thousand + every moment… Not only that, in March 20th, Papi sauce and her partner Yang Ming also a famous star and investor Angelababy’s agent get it real fund, logical thinking, source of capital and capital star joint investment amounted to 12 million, the valuation of 3 hundred million.

LETV crisis since November 6, 2016 has been more large-scale outbreak of first half of the year, all kinds of crisis is like a bubble continues to emerge, although Jia Yueting made efforts, the public still can not see music as a substantial turnaround. More and more evidence that 2017 is music as life and death year, does not rule out the possibility of split into two.


yesterday, Papi sauce advertising resources merchants communications tickets were held in Beijing. Assist the commercial Luo Papi sauce plan has taken a solid step forward. 8000 yuan tickets and estimated staggering up to tens of millions of first advertising revenue, seems to have proved correct judgment Luo and Papi sauce.

is the first CEO easy to Hang Zhou leave, join Shun Lei Jun capital; then Feng Xing will no longer serve as mobile music as president, the focus of work to the government and operators are considered in affairs, then; announced a $2 billion acquisition of U.S. TV companies failed Vizio.

suppliers come to collect debts still in a continuous line, the driver request EDAW have not been met.

an interesting twist: in the past, whenever there is negative news out, LETV official will be denied though every rumor eventually turns out to be true, but recently, few are about music as negative as the official did not sound.

Wall Street informative title has great meaning: Sun Hongbin announced that Liang Jun served as music CEO, Jia Yueting through auto business fade,

music as bad news endless, when is the end,

and LETV Navy on dissidents bite, also a lot less than in the past, I have a deep understanding about it.

in 2016, the hottest news Internet circle is not Apple’s new mobile phone, "environmental protection" is not the music as sports continuous generous, also not wandering in the edge of the ant is not listed on the listed payment service, all the hot spots are concentrated in one person, a woman in Papi sauce – beauty and talent with a.

high profile music car, did not appear at the 2017 Shanghai International Auto show.

music holding CFO, Wu Hui has resigned.

I don’t know what kind of person I belong to, but I’m sure I won’t buy it. I have expressed on many occasions that net red can be simply divided into two categories: profitable and unprofitable. Of course, "no money" does not mean no income net of any red know how to sell advertising to make money or not, the so-called refers to the TA fans are willing to pay for their idol, it will eventually determine the commercial value of red net. If you find a representative in money and no money net net red red, a YY is known as the Queen’s poison, another name is Papi sauce.

How about the

but if I’m going to spend 10 million on advertising for Papi sauce, I definitely don’t want it. But given a lot of to the auction in the investment on the significance of one side affects the process of the Internet and network communication China. Sum up is nothing more than: "advertising is smart, do not buy silly X, or can not afford to buy poor X."."

"4.14" electricity supplier day’s record is not as good as before, as the music TV sales for the same period last year was 70%.

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