Choose the six elements of the web site keywords

6, the selection of key words to consider the location of

4, seasonal key words

1, with the name of the company and service named

in the choice of key words, as far as possible to choose the long tail key words. Because the purpose of this traffic is relatively strong, and also more likely to become customers.

come to Fuzhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon fz贵族宝贝 address: www., please indicate the source.

if you are clockwise to the Fujian area, in the choice of key words and key words in front plus Fujian. For example, your website is the website construction, can be in the choice of construction sites in Fujian, it will not only reduce competition, but also makes the target more accurately.

5, select often easy spelling mistakes and can bring the flow of key

in the process of search engine optimization, choosing the right keywords is essential. This article has six elements to give you talk about the choice of keywords.

as "love Shanghai" by many people as "ferry" to search.


as to their target customers, thinking the customer search habits. The imagination is to himself as a search engine that sat in front of people, think of what you get in the information before in the search engine input box in what keywords. You can try to find friends to ask them for how often the product search.

In this paper, , empathy

for some of the key words of the seasonal analysis, reasonably clear, in what season, people will search for the key word of what.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng for enterprises in selected keywords, are the key words related to the main products of the company, and forget the key words company name. You know, for the enterprise, the company is a brand name. When you search the company name in the search engine, there is the name of a rival company, you will think of the consequences are? Enterprise website in the choice of key words, the name of the company can be placed at the end of the title, the main key words in front of title. Because the search engine that row in front of the key words in the row behind the weight ratio of keywords to be large, and often the name of competition is not very intense.

3, as far as possible to do more long tail key words

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