Five keywords Shanghai dragon to test your ability

Four, If the

I started Shanghai dragon saw the first word is initially saw Shanghai dragon why Cardiff only a word about the meaning of this sentence is Shanghai dragon execution. The first half of Shanghai dragon execution that I have experience greatly. Whether do optimization or do anything, action is the most basic, no execution almost no everything. Whether it is Shanghai dragon today’s rookie Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, they could not every day boasted of his optimization technique, I believe each Shanghai dragon Er personnel to succeed, then the Shanghai dragon is the first element of execution. A: do you have? The score of 30, you can have your grades.

, a Shanghai dragon execution

two, Shanghai dragon insight


Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon has been almost half a year, until the Spring Festival also didn’t have much mood research Shanghai Dragon technology, will dive down and think about their own in the first half of this year have much progress in Shanghai dragon, to learn what knowledge, which made achievements, what are the prospects for the future. In my careful analysis after, I think if we want to make Shanghai as a lifelong occupation to become a dragon, Shanghai dragon Daniel, ability below five keywords mapping is what we must do. The view of the article or have not rigorous logic, when the right to initiate, we welcome the exchange.

is natural science, will be refurbished with knowledge, not to mention the knowledge update of the most frequent Internet, and the Internet, Shanghai dragon industry is more special, because the search engine is changing, to become Shanghai dragon master, you must have the ability to learn at any time. Adjust the search engine algorithm once, you can Shanghai Longfeng strategy should be targeted adjustment. Some Shanghai dragon techniques up to now have not yet surfaced on to become the Shanghai Dragon Master us, if you want to use it as a lifelong occupation, Shanghai dragon learning ability cannot do not have. Give yourself the learning ability evaluation, 20 points.

most of the Internet is changing the old, since the Internet, everything changes all came so fast so outright. Dealing with search engine of Shanghai dragon industry is changing and the unknown, there are many websites fall around us every day, there are many Internet Co bankruptcy. Do Shanghai dragon people, with every piece of information, every possible hot spots, each silk industry to change should be sensitive. In Shanghai dragon industry, if you have advanced insight, perhaps within a month, you will be brilliant Tengda. This is really not scoring 20 points.

communication is also important in Shanghai Longfeng industry. Compared with the traditional marketing, communication, public relations industry, technical staff and computer Shanghai Longfeng deal more time, we are more in the network and for communication. Even so, the network is also a need to communicate the arena. Most of the time is not a "Shanghai Dragon

three, Shanghai dragon learning ability

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