Another perspective Shanghai dragon is actually not so important

look at some large web sites above, not all sites are suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as Taobao, micro-blog, Alibaba, renren贵族宝贝 and so on, because they are independent of the vertical search services, and some personal information related to personal privacy, web sites do not need to submit the information to the user through the search engine, but also input the URL into the website directly, does not need the help of the third party website search engine to retrieve information.


I work in a construction company, competition in this industry is very large, on all aspects of the technical skills requirements are relatively high, according to the views of Shanghai Longfeng better optimization of the industry, the website ranking will bring more customers. In fact, it’s not like most station customers or from the sales of telephone marketing and visit. Through the search engines to look up the few customers, and the search engine brings customers are more familiar with the Internet, the customer’s profit rate is very low.


of large and medium-sized enterprise products regardless of varieties and specifications are very much, if so many products need to be optimized through search engines, particularly large workload, cause is not proportional to the input output. This situation is not suitable for Shanghai dragon to optimize, can make use of third party platform, will pass to the website product platform database to optimize the product name, many third party platform weight is very high, does not need to deliberately with search engine optimization can have very good rankings.

Shanghai dragon just marketing tool

is not suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimized website

Many of the core keywords are ranked first in the

every day to improve the chain number we sleep outside the chain, to processing a large number of pseudo original articles using a variety of tools, the purpose is to search engine included our site weight to the site more, bring more traffic, bring more revenue for us. But today I want to say why Shanghai dragon is not so important? Here is not so important reason why Shanghai dragon.

conversion rate is the key to

multi product is not suitable for the optimization of

when Shanghai dragon to bring traffic to the site, the more we need to consider is the conversion rate, ranking, traffic is not Shanghai Longfeng target flow, ranking in addition to the server to bring pressure and self little vanity, no meaning. Will flow into personal or business real income is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a tool, one of the network marketing tools, individual enterprises, a very small part of the network marketing. We can’t go to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, some website traffic >

website, bring traffic also have so many calls, but very few people, website bounce rate is as high as 50%. On the contrary, through telemarketing and home visits gave the company a stable performance, the company’s main business comes from the line promotion.

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