Local real estate network how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

first analyzes 3 basic elements of the website, found a large number of keyword stack phenomenon, so the title, keywords, description have been changed, the main keyword keyword is mainly several common XX, what the real estate network, Taicang real estate network, the Taicang real estate information network, the website has snapshot update, but snapshot rankings have not come and update.

said the new local real estate in addition to weight with a little master, want to quickly improve website weight is nothing more than Links, Links for love Shanghai ranking effect is also very good. At present, as far as possible with the increase in the number of 2 a day, the goal is to increase to about 30.


is currently the site’s ranking is a 20, a 80 or so, there are other flat side of the long tail word ranking is better, also in the adjustment and improvement, so may be mainly responsible for part of the work station, after optimization work arrangements may be mainly the following aspects.

first, related to the effect of the chain on our website is bigger than the other, not related to the chain is much better in this respect, as a key to do.

The basic

3. regular chain construction work.

second, at the same time we can also cooperate with them in the form of a comprehensive publicity to our website, this website to make our brand awareness in this place.

is currently over real estate network optimization work in 1 places, because this place is the real estate network website’s 2 domain, but the domain name of the website is not reasonable, so there is a certain influence on the optimization.

1. Links exchange.

2. local real estate forum to promote cooperation. This should be a more important aspect.

here than not to write very detailed, do Shanghai dragon has some time to understand, but the specific operation is different, the analysis of main competitors in this local real estate network is the local station of other real estate sites to a local real estate net is added, so that the competition is quite fierce the. Personal goal is 1-2 months so focused on the optimization of keywords are ranked first, wait for the results.

this work is a must, for the love of Shanghai, the chain is still necessary, so this is also a focus of the work, such as the establishment of the blog website blog, XX real estate network such as Sina blog, URL blog, blog Title Optimization, looks like a professional local real estate network blog column, publish original articles. Of course the chain but also other forms of work carried out as usual, and text hyperlinks, to increase website weight and keywords ranking.

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