Case analysis find out the worst landing page

1, and no business related to the same source


because these items are some maintenance projects a long time ago, so far, there are a lot of problems in the site of the landing page, resulting in the visitor can not meet the needs of.

technical and usability problems users?

you to clear a little content, no matter what you are engaged in what industry site optimization, the final customer you have to face the user, so from the user’s perspective, what is the first landing page they want? Price? Focus on priority? Or focus on products to find potential language user display?:

3, did not follow the landing page

language ?


The basic principle of

4, did not find potential customers

a landing page should need to follow the principle of what? An effective landing pages, it can change according to the related market changes or you can predict the market, do you have a good title to check the site landing page, have some high quality multimedia products, such as pictures, whether you the page can interact effectively with

don’t think, users to search related sites keywords or site access to the site in order to get the relevant information from the web site, but you have users want to find content? In the optimization process to understand the site content is set to some users concerned about the information content.

this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work often overlooked some content, such as technical problems need to consider here is that the browser compatibility issues site, IE, in the domestic commonly used 360 browser, Sogou and travel, if you want to site for more visitors, so the traffic is compatible technically the treatment should first consider these aspects, you can use the webmaster tools data.cnzz贵族宝贝 here have a lot of data within the industry, through the analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to consider what content.

this is the preliminary work left some optimization problems in the process of the operation, in order to attract traffic, when the release of the chain, such as hair products in the forum site in the price and price of the product does not comply with the relevant theme, or released the chain and site content is not only related. In the chain of clever add anchor text links related to the final result of this is to bring the user down off the page, the conversion rate is reduced, and the page out rate increase, also want to have a good impression in the search engine

has recently been combing his hand on optimization project, unfortunately, most of the projects are fluctuations, in order to find the root cause of things, I spent time to sort out and analyze project fluctuations of the day finally, hard work pays off I finally found a reason of fluctuations in the project.

2, stop the

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