Yang Liang from Shanghai dragon recruitment that Shanghai need to have what qualities of dragon

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon network promotion specialist

5. has a certain promotion network resources is preferred

from the top of the Shenzhen network promotion website Shanghai Longfeng recruitment can be learned, Shanghai dragon.

since more than 400 years ago the economist’s father Adams proposed close social division of labor is more conducive to social efficiency theory since the human society, because of the different industry, different processes of the division of the same industry, has been a qualitative leap to social productivity, in twenty-first Century, the division of the continuous refinement, with professional technology, more for their own survival and development. The network marketing industry website optimization Shanghai Longfeng talent demand particularly large, so the network marketing industry segments of Shanghai Longfeng optimization which requires quality and ability, we from an advertisement with reverse thinking to analysis to interpret. Shanghai Longfeng specialist who need ability and accomplishment.

The exchange of

6. has a good team spirit, able to work under the pressure of high strength

is responsible for the 1. Shenzhen network promotion website (Shanghai dragon), the formulation and implementation of the web site of the Shanghai dragon eye search engine optimization scheme, real-time dynamic. To ensure the leading position of the website of Shanghai Dragon technology, website PR value, Alexa Rankings to maintain industry.

Job responsibilities: Qualifications:

2. by Shanghai dragon regular practices Shenzhen network promotion website internal optimization and external link building. Increase the search engine on the web friendly (to prevent any black hat behavior, all the chain can use mass software, the absolute need of manual operation.

1. college degree or above, male or female, more than one year working experience in electronic commerce and the construction site is preferred.

5. website construction basis, understand the basic HTML code based on knowledge, understand the CSS+DIV layout.

3. familiar with OFFICE software, good written expression ability and writing ability.

3. can monitor website keywords, monitoring and research of competitors and other sites related practices, and develop relevant strategies and programs for continuous improvement.

2. Shanghai Longfeng optimization principle, a successful case, e-commerce site application priority.

4. has strong ability of data analysis, to analyze the related data regularly.

4. and third party websites for traffic data, the reverse link or service, or a strategic alliance to increase website traffic and visibility.


7. can quickly adapt to the environment, active thinking, creative. Have a good learning ability for new things. Strong execution ability.

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