The four major factors influencing enterprise station is right down


website is the high repetition rate

Links over

often modify the Head tag

idea is changing every day, natural enterprise will often add new business or reduce a business, this is very normal, but if the enterprise increased because of the new one is to reduce the business or a business will often change the site Head tag, it will have a search the attention of the engine, though, you do not want to pay attention to, but no way, you made a big adjustment to the website, do not want to cause the attention of the search engine will not work, therefore, the webmaster often after modified Head label website will appear soon in this way, the kind of problems, resulting in their own businesses search engine drop right, ranking drop problem.

website content repeat this is not what new things, for enterprise stand for more content but the enterprise It is quite common for the station, the repetition rate is unacceptably high, some sites with an article can actually in different time in five or six, some even only one day apart, this is a lot of mistakes the editor often made. As for why this is the case, I believe the Shanghai Dragon Enterprise Station are all have deep feeling, enterprise content sources is very limited, if the site is updated every day, really can not find suitable content, therefore, which caused a lot of editors sometimes though they feel this the article is very familiar with, but in order to complete the work, still put it again to upload a.

general small business website owners began to have not paid much attention, just to show their business more formal, so to find a website that allows users to put, can be found through the search engine, but this is just in the beginning, now with the network marketing is becoming more and more important, business owners also pay attention to their respective the enterprise station, on the network to share, but things in life, you do not pay attention to it, nine in ten, it spends time and effort, the website will follow your ideas of development, enterprise stand down the right still more and more, especially after the June Shanghai love big update enterprises have more, be right down, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) through to the customer at the time of diagnosis, the enterprise stand down found Right is mainly due to the following four factors:

until now, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis teams have a doubt, why the Links can have so many problems, although the name is Links, but a lot of times when you check with the webmaster tools of enterprises will stand Links for outbound links, the other party didn’t back chain and although there are coming back, but with the NOFOLLOW attribute, what is more, the other site would not open, snapshots have not been updated for one or two months, for the Links Enterprise Station of Shanghai dragon.

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