Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel must hold the spirit from the May 4th Movement

when the students encountered when police stopped, they did all they could to overcome obstacles, gathered in Tiananmen. Now the development of Shanghai dragon in recent years development is very rapid, many promotion methods, Shanghai dragon techniques have been used by many people to use, resulting in new Shanghai dragon skill to industry innovation, not good development. In order to get better benefits than others, must have the innovation, the only way to go

the May 4th Movement is remembered in the hearts of the patriotic movement, is a worthy of our anniversary, by the May 4th Movement can not help but think of the 54 spirit, it interprets the honest, progressive, positive, freedom, equality, creation, beauty, goodness, peace, love and mutual assistance the labor and pleasant, full of happiness and social unity. As Shanghai dragon we should have what kind of spirit of Shanghai dragon

four, the May 4th Movement of Shanghai dragon spirit of innovation

filed the May 4th Movement let us recall in 1919, due to the Beiyang government was prepared to "de sign on the peace treaty", directly triggered strong dissatisfaction with the Chinese people, which led to the May 4th Movement, Chinese on behalf of Paris and will not attend the final signing ceremony. A student, business, education and many patriots in the patriotic movement, if they insist, the final result will be Chinese one more unequal treaties, let us return to the Shanghai dragon to think, to become a good Shanghai Longfeng practitioners there must be unremittingly spirit, only learn the Shanghai dragon theoretical knowledge is not enough, we must have perseverance, practice to reach, all the problems are all smoothly done or easily solved, not beat you.

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three, the May 4th Movement of Shanghai dragon team spirit

team play in the May 4th Movement in dripping every minute, for a common goal of mutual support and cooperation and struggle, finally successfully remove all discord and injustice. We can not deny that this is a powerful and lasting force. In Shanghai Long Fengzhong is equally important, in the Shanghai dragon team, all of them have a common goal, make detailed plans and programmes, each person assigned their own work, mutual assistance in one direction to the development of

, the May 4th Movement unremittingly the spirit of

in the protests, especially those from students to organize demonstrations, they dare to do, after the suppression of protests, some schools have been arrested, and the organization of local students to start a new round of protests. This does not reach the goal of our staff to Shanghai dragon spirit is worth to learn, in a plan at the same time, must be timely to finish the task and finish it within the expected time, after the success you will reap unexpected results!

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two, the May 4th Movement the execution of


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