Shanghai love spark plan a gimmick

third, not through the website, will not enter the blacklist of love Shanghai. This is not really love Shanghai.

sex is more and more difficult, whether black or white hat cap is difficult. Even if you can put his black hat quick optimization to the home page, site ranking survival in a week or so, will give you drop right or K stand. White hat even if you go formal, the chain has been repeatedly made the upgrade algorithm if you don’t have enough money and personal support, it will be difficult for you to build on the chain ranking effectively. And when the chain does not work, we can compare the calm and said, we engage in the chain, to build a website, through the chain to transfer to the key of "full, the articles included page to slowly increase the weight, increase website ranking, but love Shanghai spark program out of so many people hope. Shattered. Why? Instead of serious station is not a good thing for

? Now Shanghai Shanghai dragon

first, for the serious website, only is part of a station, but not many earnest do stand webmaster (a statement, not seriously do not). Because, seriously do station, serious website, actually it is difficult to give you some original content, and the content is useful to the user or novel. In Shanghai love Spark Program, "the website first, the content and form of non mimicry, is a unique resource" is that the first love in Shanghai. The US dental medical website, the good website his internal content has many repeat (hospital presentations, repeated cases, repeated cases of knowledge), and in some of the key knowledge above, it is difficult for us to show something new to the user, because of the development of medical technology or will not update the number of articles published on your daily. In addition, we are also difficult to give users something, something useful. Such as dental implant prices, the price of this kind of beauty crown for the keywords of the article, no one will give you the real price, can give you an estimated average price has been pretty good. This is because the editor may not know the other news of the hospital, Department of outpatient department is not belong to the network editor, there is a loss of customers or to avoid some unnecessary disputes later.

second, the first phase of the spark plan is love Shanghai by invitation system, has nothing to do with our webmaster; although the second invitation opened, but you have the courage to make your website to let love Shanghai manual review? You have the confidence to make you fall in love with a website is Haitong? "To avoid simple two processing and reprint content; avoid submitting a large number of low quality content and soft articles" this is love Shanghai, even if the individual station, the site of the original, but in fact there are those who are truly original, are more or less two processing to see your degree of processing, therefore this for some human spark plan can bring benefits to what benefits the webmaster website. The original can be beneficial to the website, and not the spark plan for the benefit of the general website or webmaster.

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