Not the user experience first Shanghai dragon is bullying

believes that many webmaster in the Shanghai dragon on the site, often ignore the user experience, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng effect came out, flow increased but PV decreased the bounce rate rise. Careful Shanghai dragon ER in late do in-depth analysis and self review, will find that there are many places need to be corrected, the most important to improve the user experience, only good user experience unlimited extension of the life cycle of the website will.

Shanghai dragon, not only pay attention to the function of website design, website structure, page layout, web content comprehensive. Comprehensive factors more attention from the website, website, website impression function practical, website content to improve the website environment. Shanghai dragon through improving the user experience, is also an important factor to improve the conversion rate of the electricity supplier websites.

website user experience Optimization for future website promotion, marketing plays a decisive role, a good user experience in order to better grasp the degree of your browsing user groups, will have more visitors to remember your site, also because of the establishment of the user experience from the birth of user trust feeling.

do the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is? Flow? Sales? At different stages in different periods of Shanghai dragon Er asked this, certainly the answers are different. Just as in the early contact Shanghai dragon, the simple understanding is through technical means to improve the site in the search engine’s natural ranking, so as to obtain considerable traffic sources.

Shanghai dragon play a guiding role in a bridge, so that users can get the information in a timely manner, at the same time as the leading web site can meet the other requirements of the user, and the website during the browsing the whole is full of clear structure and browse the directory, let users away from more love your website.

Shanghai dragon is a kind of network marketing at present all Internet companies will be used, by special skills will be one or more target keywords and potential keywords in the search engine in the front row, and then increase your exposure rate so as to enhance the brand influence.

so early, our webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is a simple considering how to quickly improve website ranking, but after the website rankings do go up, it is necessary from the perspective of the user experience. Otherwise the website ranking is up, but the visitors stay time is short, the website PV is lower, then the result ranking will not be too high, the search rankings are generally difficult to lasting, reflect the website is not ideal in the hearts of users in a certain extent, the search engine would not be too much green >

here, we all to see light suddenly, traffic oriented Shanghai dragon is bullying". Tai Chi circle advertising alliance that is actually Shanghai dragon or go back to the original starting point, the user is not purely mechanical! Shanghai dragon from the search engine into cheap traffic, but the user through the search engine index between keywords and web sites establish a bridge of communication.


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