The PR value and keywords ranking don’t throw watermelon picking sesame

, a stable website, do not easily modify the title, keywords, description

two, regularly update the content, carry out the chain

three, steadily enhance the website weight

four, increase website user experience

in November 8th, Google once again last night to update the PR value. For this, many people think that Google is for real-time search made an adjustment, because the distance from the last update time but about 1 months, but can also see Google basically has restored the update frequency. But this is not what I want today to discuss the theme of the PR value reflects the weight of a web site, of course, the higher the better, but for the keyword ranking, don’t say your website PR value high, will have good rankings, even the PR value rose, but the number has fallen! A website of my own in Shijiazhuang Cheng network is such that this update, the PR value rose to 3, can be said to give me a surprise, because the site now also half the time, but also to maintain the original keywords basically in the rankings, there are some slight decline! As we all know, keywords ranking is affected by many factors, the PR value is just one of them. The influence factors of ranking:

is an important standard is the user experience! We do Shanghai Longfeng, of course you want to improve the weight, but don’t just increase the weight, the PR value rose, Shanghai love weight rose, sometimes the ranking is not improved! The old saying that content is king, the chain for huang. The chain, to a certain extent, will gradually increase your weight, but if there is no content, no users, only the high weight. Now the search engine, the user experience of the ingredients to improve a lot, the PR value of the update once again proved this point! If the chain, the site also has original content, there are also regular updates, ranking remained unmoved, it can only say that users do not have the favor of this, can see the flow from this, after all the traffic is our concern, the flow can talk about the conversion rate, it also shows that your site really, I think you should happen in the user experience of the website on the.

chain to carry out, step by step, a stable and high quality of the chain every day, whether new or old station is worth.


user experience is defined as: people for use or desire to use a product, system or service perceptions and return >

1, 2, 3, domain name, title, keywords 4 update 5, 6, 7, the original PR value chain

this is mentioned in the chain second, outside the chain to be full, do not be too single.

believe this, needless to say.


content of the best original, do not have to do every day, but should be regularly updated;

In fact, summarize the general situation of

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