Caused by the chain of the chain of right down the same color and background color

with the chain, because some places do not take this convenient and not related to the chain display, set the hidden effect.

recently to a friend to do a "Changsha SMS" keyword optimization, because it is new, so one or two months ago is mainly two aspects: to enrich the content of the website and the website chain. There are plans to carry on, of course, also continued to increase keyword ranking on

had never encountered this kind of problem, thought to the website has continued to increase the chain, the website keyword ranking will have absolute advantage. So, no defense and treatment measures of any increase in the chain.

when you meet with me in the same situation, how should I do? I approach is not immediately put the link before delete it, then add more effectively the chain through the efforts to effectively the chain to dilute

browser is difficult to read, may it search engine recognition, as a fraud, and right down. Because, because a friend want to have ranking effect as soon as possible in time, some industry friends so please help to increase


before work as usual, why suddenly fell

all Shanghai dragon friends all know, to the website chain is the most effective measures to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, but recently on some website promotion process, found a chain did not bring the weight to the site, in contrast to the site right down the problem.

went to finally reach in the natural ranking love Shanghai in the first place. Make people feel this way to keep the site keywords ranking. Who thought that not long ago, the keywords ranking dropped again,

Ranking ?

then look for the source, I got the work before we do all optimization check and consider again, found the problem:


may Never mind one or two such as the chain, behind the work, the chain more slowly. The search engine started to pay attention to you. Because of this behavior to the intelligent search engine now is very easy to find, because the spider will first CSS file and the style content of loading pages, and record your.

The color of

summary: all browsers can cause the chain difficult will give website (keywords) bring down the right effect. For example: anchor color and background color the same; CSS, opacity: 0.5, z-index:-9999, margin-top:9999px etc..

anchor chain, will affect the site keywords ranking, of course not directly affect the color, but through the interaction of keyword anchor color and background color to influence, if the anchor color and background color the same or similar

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