Dead link pace website webmaster how to deal with the dead link


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development prospect analysis of this site in the search engine’s point of view, when the search engine when you first came to the site of your site is 1 dead links, search engine spiders crawling here when already climb, so the spider back, after a period of time, the search engine spiders and here, this time your site is 2 dead links, search engines only crawl away the last 1/2 line is broken, it back, until the tenth time he came to the site, dead link has not been reduced, but showed an increasing trend, in the face of this situation, the search engine spiders retreat. Your site is not high, not included in the face of flow, the weight is not high, the decline in the ranking.

in the face of the serious influence the website link to die here, I put forward some suggestions to solve the website links to death, if you find it useful to support me to solve the site links to death, the most important thing is to find out where the link, and through the ctrl+f check the dead links to find your website folder, then find there are two solutions, one is the standard two site link, this link is shielded. Here I put forward some specific solutions, can directly find dead links then delete this link, the simplest and most efficient method; another method is to establish the robots.txt document drop dead links, this method a little trouble, but for the veteran is also very simple, if you can not use the search robots.txt directly in the search engine, search on it. The third is the point I want to say, it is the use of 404 pages, which is to guide the dead link effective party >

sees more and more new webmaster into the Internet industry, I am happy for them and for their deep concern about the prospect of access to the Internet, and I just do a half of the owners to know that his station has been half a year to enter the Internet chat, but there is no profit, I let him put the site to me finally, I took a tour of his landing site, found a very serious problem, there are some pages should not open, I finally use the chain of its Web site testing tool, the above figure is his site links, a total of 95 links have 10 open, is this the website can generate

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analysis on the development potential of the site in the perspective of the user experience, when the user when you first came to the site found that the site three or four links you will encounter not open the link, if it is not the key link also does not matter, but if it is a key link and left the user? Web site. When second users come to your website, also encountered this situation, long before it, your site may be put an end to the hands of customers, because they will not come to your website, can clearly tell you, a link will not solve the webmaster is not a qualified website webmaster.

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