Different keywords undertake different mission for the enterprise

has the advantages of high user loyalty, may become a lifelong fan. Disadvantages: the need to accumulate for a long time, Dripping water wears through a stone. in a day.

also stand sales perspective is extremely valuable, perhaps this kind of users will not buy immediately, but as long as your site around long enough, it is found that the purchase of products of love, but sooner or later, for example a website brand word is the most valuable words, but it is only for the promotion of ranking in the last row, the energy is limited, if your company team personnel, funds enough, it can be done at the same time. But if a single from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, it should be the last weapon we continue to enhance the website weight, because early to do keyword ranking, then study the data, finally taking the time to promote our company on other platforms.

is one of the most important products: product optimization and promotion staff word word, its attribute is the precise needs of mission, in the short term can help us to increase sales. This kind of word is usually more popular, but the competition is fierce. I can see in our industry, although no one home to compete for these products, but a lot of people are using the B2B platform to promote, in the search engine also has a lot of ranking. Nature of these keywords is large, but unpopular. Need to continue mining spread, a long time. The site should be second steps, the first step is to capture the first target keywords, next is the long tail keywords.

brand word: brand word is a company’s most important keywords, it represents your core audience, for example when we search the car home, they obviously is to find the car home on the official website. They obviously is the website of the audience, now the search engine is more and more attached to this point, the website weight is certainly larger high audience. And it will look at your website there is no quality content to allow users to stay for a long time, so you should be more user precipitation station. Someone asked me what it says is the best method to improve website weight? I said the word card export promotion company.

keyword selection is crucial to success for an enterprise to do marketing and promotion, more research keywords is the first step in planning. This step is wrong, no matter how hard behind you will fail. So today we would like to tell you a different keywords for enterprises to bear different missions, and in the process of optimization order also is very exquisite, in shaping the brand, short-term interests are of great influence. Understand the keywords POS and planning, so that our enterprises have the opportunity to use the least time to maximize profits, we now see that different keywords what properties, how we should make good use of it.

And use the

advantages: short term profit. Disadvantages: less popular user retrieval

words: nature of these keywords is to help us to occupy the market, Shanghai dragon world >

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