2012 bugs software forum signature still use it

2, BBS signature of the chain what harm

there are two sides, may not be perfect, whether you are a group blog, forum message, classification of information group or forum signature to do or have a good or bad coexist, cannot eat fish and bear paw, so as to BBS signature of the chain and what harm? Below Shanghai and Chong dragon with you briefly explain the point defects of the chain BBS signature.

1, BBS signature chain stability is poor, I believe we all know the search engine website has a regularly updated rules and common small updates every Monday times a month, a big update, so the update in the search engine website will put the implementation of the updated snapshot forum posts again, with the new grab the implementation of the page included into the search engine library website. But as the search.

for the better and can take some of the weight of the signature of the forum, is certainly the most welcome by all Shanghai dragon er. Because the chain chain in forums like the other types of labor, save time, moreover, the effect is also very good, love Shanghai included strong, and use software to set up a is more effective, the truth is so, I believe that many high weight forum like gov.cn or portal the forum website forum, webmaster can all see a little bit of Shanghai dragon Er "shape", BBS signature chain has reached a peak, and many forums have restricted just registered do not have to sign the signature, or upload picture of it, or have a certain integral, which is Chong in Shanghai dragon why do you speak the video after registration to reply, send a few days, and then set the signature to do the chain, now already can automatically sign with soft insects from Dynamic upload picture more convenient forum signature. So the insect friends want to do is to grab a lot of resources, organize resources, and can not understand in the www.chong segment, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/down.html download video tutorials see.

Before the

Chong in the Shanghai dragon "new friends how to send the chain of software bugs" mentioned by a marketing software can do many kinds of platform to do outside the chain, such as soft Wen, inquiry platform, blog, forum, forum signature, Chong today to share with you is Shanghai dragon BBS signature chain, because of this the chain is the most common, the effect is relatively good, especially in some high weight site, the effect is more obvious. Insect friends just right – extended function – set signature, keynote in high weight forum signature with webmaster of the site, or anchor text, then post replies can obtain high-quality links. And then in 2012 this awesome chain can share a bit? Below the point of view of the 2012 Chong Shanghai dragon BBS signature chain with you.

1, BBS signature chain which benefits

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