Some problems need to pay attention to the use of the template site

here is a concrete analysis of the establishment of the need to pay attention to using templates, thus providing a reference for the construction site owners cut.

with love Shanghai intelligent level, many owners have begun to fear the construction site using templates, since it is a template, then there are many similar sites on the Internet, so it will make love spiders in Shanghai that there is a code plagiarism problem, and thus have an adverse effect on the website optimization. However, using the template construction site, with high efficiency, easy to use the advantages, still has considerable appeal for many webmaster.

third, in the application of the template need to pay attention to some basic applications of Shanghai dragon optimization. Now many templates can provide the optimization function of Shanghai dragon, and these functions usually use is not very complicated. But for the webmaster friends, for the optimization of functions, not necessarily all use, such as many templates will provide keyword optimization function, when you specify the content page keywords appear, >

first, the selected template must meet the site location, and it is best to use the free version. Now the Internet templates on many different types, different templates and certain industries have a close relationship. For example, information template and business class template will have a significant difference. So in the choice of the template before it needs to be the positioning of the site to good, and then select the corresponding template. And the choice of the best template is a free version, although this will put some costs, but can let developers slightly change according to your intention. If you choose a free template for maintenance of the operation of the site will have a negative impact. Because once the site operation fails, will let you struggling to cope, and ultimately the website operation failed.

second, the main website template modifications for navigation. The reason to modify the content, a modification of the less difficult, but also to carry out better and their site positioning in close cooperation, for example, you want to do delicacy website, then the navigation bar or the background color you can use some warm shades of yellow and red. If you do is the science and technology website, you can use some cool colors such as blue and grey. In addition to the column style can also be personalized innovation, so you can make love Shanghai think you this site belongs to a personalized web site, there is a big difference between the Internet and many templates. So he can win the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor, and speed up the love of Shanghai included.

so how to eliminate the negative impact brought about by the use of the template site? Actually we choose our website template, some a little innovation, then we can eliminate the problem of plagiarism template, that is to say, the webmaster get a template, to be modified. Or find developers to modify the template. So you can make the template has a certain personality, so as to enhance the attractiveness of the spider love Shanghai.

Some problems of

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