The development of network promotion outside chain specific thinking analysis

with the current e-commerce era forward, more and more domestic companies involved, but many people have overlooked some basic common sense, many more friends don’t have a deep understanding, that the company set up a website to hang in there, there will be related to the business to send home, and also not every day you add an article can fix business issues, but not you pay a heavy price to buy love Shanghai and bring the bidding small volume of business, we Chinese, should know in such a truth, that means we should start from their own website, make the site a long and compared to other website advantage to survive, and then get more benefits. With the development of e-commerce, the fierce competition, the weight of the website is to be many people say with myth. In fact, I am here today, do not want to say some website internal problems, purely to express my superficial view on the external promotion.

platform when we must pay attention to, from their own itself, see their industry and a correlation between foreign to consider, of course, many of my friends are now applied to the information platform, blog, forums, news portals, quizzes and other related platform. Yes, these are all available resources, but you must consider themselves. For example, you do program type website, suddenly went to the women’s health to send the chain related, then I’m sure that as long as the women’s health website daily management professional people, so you outside of the chain will be deleted. So, the correlation is very important, but do not ignore these platforms is of no use, do a lot of outside the chain of friends all know their slowly collected resources, in order to make full use of. As I said earlier, a validity of our external promotion, that is to search engines, so we choose the platform when they must pay attention to those sites included fast release. Of course, if you are doing the word class propaganda, then you should choose a high weight to the external platform, this is the choice of platform related issues.

I think, now a lot of professional network company should do not have doubt, what is outside the chain, what is the use? The chain is to put your links in foreign release, the main role is to enhance the weight of their own website, what is more is the international market directly, but also is a kind of word-of-mouth publicity. I’m here to tell you that if it is for the weight of the problem, we have to be sure it must be included in the search engine, it represents your chain effectively, but the effect of the large and small this is related to the decision platform. Below, I carefully analyze the chain.

so, we have more content, if the content of the site itself is in the promotion, so we must pay attention to the original, when the site itself is not included, you copy the original promotion, so the website itself is very difficult to be included, if the site is included so, your promotion, one is hard, such as > two

We choose the

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