On the way to improve the site search engine of my good friend

you might feel ridiculous, just search engine program, how to do? But we all forgot their website only program. The program with program to make friends is just a metaphor. We can see it as a friendly. As everyone knows, cannot do without the website search engine, search engine is also not the lack of site provides content. So, this relationship is to make friends with the search engine. Methods to search engine friendly everyone should know, I speak several key reasons here, the code is a code, build up a bridge between the site and search engine, can let a search engine grab smooth code can obtain many impressive, and simplified code can make search engine feel professional site. The structure of the website, this is very important for the search engine and users, the website structure clearly can make both aware of their location. The third page optimization, pictures and ALT tags, use less FLASH, encapsulation of JS code, HTML code, closed and speed up page open speed are good ways to search engine. Third Links, exchange Links with search engine trust site can accelerate their site recognition speed. In fact, with the search engine to make friends is to make your site search engine recognition, trust your site, so as to give high ranking high weight, it is like love to give each other a good first impression is as important.

is like two people falling in love, if one party easily to challenge each other’s moral bottom line is the bottom line or if the end result is a sure will break up the love. The same as search engine optimization, not easy to challenge the bottom line. But we know that the lack of expert event, no one can survive in the search engine, such as stations, operating profit for the elder brother of Shanghai dragon, wolf rain sinks flicker arrogance optimization technology and so on are just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Although you can burst red temporarily, but is so great, for this burst of red price why? So, let’s fall in love with the search engine, also not easy to challenge the bottom line, and will not suffer the final results.

now most of the sites are mainly rely on the search engine to get traffic, after all, a personal site to leave the search engine can also obtain the flow of difficulty is relatively large, a few years of accumulation of users can not be done, just like NetEase, Sohu need to get traffic through search engine. So let’s site to the rapid development of the inevitable cannot do without the search engine to show, and common development of the search engine. In fact, many sites that can not rely on search engine that can develop rapidly, but the survival rate of chicken but Dryopteris angle. Then let’s stop point to the rapid development, first of all you need to do? The answer is to follow the search engine is the most correct way, after all, with the search engine to the consequence is that the site was K, the consequences of this for small point but a fatal blow. So the only way is to follow the correct steps to search engine, search engine first, and talk about a love never.

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