Love will be accurate to search for the promotion of Shanghai City and how to obtain the natural fl

Two, the natural ranking After

love Shanghai search promotion open to the city, from a certain point of view it can be for enterprises to save a part of the interest. Due to the optimization of city + keywords ", itself is not difficult, here can still continue to adhere to the optimization, so the two search results show a page in the double, double insurance, is also a good choice.

in this era bidding flood, want the website to get more natural ranking, not only the single from the web page of several key words. More attention needs to be paid to the page, and some long tail keywords website page. This requires Shanghai Dragon Mining Depth need to learn from the user’s point of view. For example, when the optimization of an excavator training site, found that when entering the website users in chat and customer service, are concerned about some of the problems of salary and novice can learn excavator etc.. And then the author according to the actual situation of this industry wrote an article titled "the wages below excavator.". Is such a title. Each month can get 10-50 natural IP range, but also without any bid at the top of the page ranking, some incomplete statistics and customer service, by browsing this page and know the school and as a student, in the article on the line within three months, there have been 2 students.


, the inside pages can not be ignored


2, from customer service chat users can access the data in question, so as to extract part of the long tail keywords. I work every day before there is a habit, that is to see the day the customer service chats, from these chats, you will find many intentions.

you might think the nature of the IP data flow is too small, but if you Many a little make a mickle., each of the many littles make a mickle., an article every month can be about 10-50 flow, then the flow is added, is very objective flow. And there is no conflict and bidding. How to tap this keyword

1, from Shanghai to get in love know, love Shanghai know search excavator training, we can find a large number of users for a variety of issues this keyword proposed, so as to screen for the problem of integration, finally obtains the key words.

as everyone knows, for some industries and optimize the "City + keyword" such words, can easily be a website do love Shanghai home, and from time to time can also get good natural flow, and often such words, the conversion rate is very high. Because the search for "City + keywords" users, often need more targeted and urgent. So if you love Shanghai city to accurately search promotion, is another blow to the natural website ranking optimization. So in this case, as the Shanghai dragon, and get more natural flow to

, insist on optimization, double, escort

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