The lawyer website mining method source keywords do not split the storm

Internet has developed more than 20 years in China, many lawyers have their own website on the Internet the way to enhance the source, enhance personal brand. But most of the lawyers website there, but there is no access, no source and personal brand promotion. Where is the problem? As is known to all, a site traffic is the main source of long tail keywords, combined with the lawyer industry authority in law pinpaijianzhan and we explore the key sequence of events

in the previous love Shanghai bidding account not just registered, is now open, we can use the inside of the keyword recommended tools fully (now free use), the keyword recommended tools inside, want to expand the input keywords, and then get the keyword recommendation, there are generally 300 or so, in which analysis keywords out for their relatively high value for maintenance.

two, related search terms


a lot of lawyers for some key management is not a good idea, then we can go to study the competitor’s site, the premise is the competitor’s website can also maintain. Analysis of the long tail word to them, and then combine with their own website to expand. Keywords modified so that they can put others site look into their own words, and clear objectives.

for the background

five statistical background

Author: IT Dapeng source: Legal News Network ( reproduced indicate the source howstuffworks贵族宝贝



in the legal profession, lawyers for individual stations, to expand the long tail word isn’t much, using the above method is extended, the establishment of key personal thesaurus. With these words, for that lawyer personal brand, enhance the case already.

, a search drop-down box

four, rival

into the index, search for a keyword, in 10 there will be a demand of related search terms. Although the number is limited, but are highly correlated to bring the flow of words, has the very high value.

search drop-down box is one of the most commonly used method, when you access a legal term, the following will automatically appear several search hot words, the so-called long tail keywords. According to these 10 words, in the depth of mining may continue, there will be repeated, but for a lawyer personal brand stood for, these words have been enough.

new start is not included no flow, this method is the site has included a flow to statistics. With the flow after finishing a regular source keywords in development.

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