The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng case green health Shanghai Longfeng mall project

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target site: love Shanghai green health mall

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2. search Ejiao don’t know why forced to jump to the ginseng, and the station, search the product page without any keywords, many portal site search box is according to the relevant call form a user spontaneously formed keyword column.

is the first time to the interview in March: at that time it was 1 men, no man at my evaluation of their company behind the red, gray, next to HR no comments and suggestions, and then I told a beauty HR shook hands, the story ends.



actually it is a case analysis, so the story I have said this, I admit that I said the story is always so fascinating, every night I say to my wife to hear, she quietly went into the dream. Such a big company is our ideal platform for Internet practitioners, but such a place there is always cheating in dawdle, so it doesn’t mix it in a company, there is a heaven anyway, blowing mouth, and went whistling where good here from the 2 aspects (is actually 1.5)

second is a HR interview to recommend me to go after this, I wrote a program, you can see that this is now a little proposal, a beard to work this time to do not have a good scratch, that is to engage in so-called barber manager interviewed me, take a computer let me see the green mall website have what problem, I take the initiative to plan my books for him to see, he is in the heart of silent tears, saying our website itself has a lot of problems, many problems, but we do not do, not engage in the whole thing ah with the development of our blind programmers, not our thing, you my heart suddenly want to say what he will want you to optimize a hair, he said because the programmer did not understand what they mean, you can’t understand, you are 404, robot, 301 He can’t understand the meaning of

1. non essential pages such as: login, registration and so avoid using too much nofollow, use nofollow to control it, then the entire page is still there is a link, the dispersed link even using nofollow will affect the weight, and direct JS, you can avoid the non correlation link appears to cause the weight of the unnecessary loss of.

first look at a small company profile: the company is a listed company, green mall relying on China health service flagship enterprises, Nanjing pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 600713), is by the Jiangsu green space green health investment co founded the health class B2C e-commerce platform. Is such a company makes me sad 2:


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