Share the most popular website in Shanghai dragon manipulation

two, Sohu. Sohu micro-blog do long term effect is really very powerful, fast to 10 minutes, the long tail word can love on the first page of Shanghai. One minute registered micro-blog account, two minutes of content simply fill in one minute, do the chain, leaving 6 minutes for the collection. Oh, isn’t it amazing, after 10 minutes, see the long tail word ranking. This is the most awesome way, but not in the long run, Shanghai has estimated love found this phenomenon, may be developed filtering program. Maybe the next update time, see these disappeared.

, a sprocket. The main purpose is through the chain sprocket reasonable layout, weight transfer. The chain effect is much better than single, when you operate the sprocket, attention must be moderate, excessive chain will cause the search engine punishment. The specific operation is A chain station to B station, B station chain to C station, C station and D station D station to the chain, then the chain to E station, E station and A station chain. Here is the links between the five sites, of course, some master do more, hundreds of websites do sprocket. It is very powerful, but there must be a lot of time and resources to maintain.

before sharing, please clarify, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in many ways, but the most fundamental is " the content is king, the chain for emperor ". As long as we understand this truth, there is a main idea of the Shanghai dragon will do. The change from the Pope, all the way around this is the main idea of the expansion, but in different time, some methods to achieve the effect is the best, not to say the words, here are some of the most popular Shanghai dragon manipulation.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization method is numerous, some say only a few, some say there are dozens, even some say thousands, ha ha, is not an exaggeration yo, can list the specific methods. The Shanghai dragon book method are many, but not all is the most effective method. With the continuous development and adjustment of the search engine, it will cause a lot of Shanghai Longfeng method play great effect. For we are still a novice, if a method to learn the words, what time can be made. Therefore, learning Shanghai dragon and not have to learn all the way. The key is to comprehend the essence of Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon is the most popular method, you can have the harvest. Yesterday wrote a " " method; share several true original articles; and were very popular, because I know, will share good things to everyone, everyone will support. Today is to share the most popular Shanghai Longfeng operating practices, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

three, the original article. False original is adopted in most of the webmaster, first through the bulk collection, then use the software processing, or through artificial processing, and then released. This is the fastest and most direct way. To enrich website content, this is indeed a very good method, but for high weight website can taste.

The secret of micro-blog

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