Search engine optimization Shanghai dragon and micro blog SNS common marketing

Since micro-blog since the birth of

1, now Chinese are Sina and micro-blog QQ, Chinese is the largest user of micro-blog platform, but the difference of the user population is relatively large, Sina micro-blog to white-collar workers and celebrities, QQ and micro-blog are mainly young people and students, but if you do need to know what is the mainstream micro-blog micro platform, now generally Sina, micro-blog, QQ, micro-blog, micro-blog, so do the general marketing people is to use these platforms, but the other big door platform of micro-blog can also register for an account, such as NetEase, search etc..

4, says title, but Shanghai dragon Er also understand that the description of the website (description) is also very important, played micro-blog knows that the micro-blog name has a personal introduction, the introduction is the description of micro-blog (description), so when micro-blog plans and written personal registration this must also affect micro-blog’s ranking factors, such as my micro-blog is overseas business, overseas B2C, English Shanghai Longfeng, Shanghai.

, Sina micro-blog, there are a lot of templates, but some are entertainment, literature, journalism, mainly to professional, such as network marketing of micro-blog, in the template is little, so it is best to design a template, especially the background and icon, and the micro-blog structure the layout, these Sina micro-blog can set. Common: need to do website layout, internal optimization.

, more and more users are welcome, micro-blog is derived from the blog, but was said to be a copy of American twiiter, slowly micro-blog has also been a lot of people used to promote way, do Shanghai Longfeng people should rarely go, since I understand micro-blog marketing, micro-blog more than five thousand, I slowly began to learn from micro-blog marketing, is also found in common with Shanghai Longfeng, following laocai will discuss Shanghai dragon and micro-blog common:

The template design 2, micro-blog

3, we do in Shanghai Longfeng, basically will be set up on the site title keywords (i.e., the title keyword) on the website of Shanghai dragon is a very important work, but also found that laocai is the same as in micro-blog, including micro-blog’s name, the title is actually micro-blog’s name, so the name to have relevant keywords, allows users to see what is your micro-blog theme, is the main content of what. I like the micro-blog, I was doing the electronic commerce and the Shanghai dragon, so my name is the name of the electronic commerce of Shanghai Dragon – laocai. Because a lot of peers or customers will use micro-blog search, search with two options, one is the name of micro-blog and micro-blog content. Powder, the content of symmetry, the basic will be the first in line.

there are many people who want to grab a lot of sina micro-blog account, such as the "classic" and "network marketing", "Shanghai dragon training" and other words, the people feel like cybersquatting, because Sina micro-blog name is only temporary.

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