Detection results analysis of the example of Shanghai lovelessness snapshot

site query is normal, but the webmaster tools query really is not love Shanghai snapshot, which makes us very depressed, but through the analysis of ranking of our website does fall, you may fall in love with the sea is really on the site down the right, from which I summed up several reasons, may lead to the following points reason:



2, website content is involved in

we can see, the query results show loveless Shanghai snapshot, but others included and love Shanghai weight, have not changed, below we look at the results of the query by love to take a look, as shown below:

1, the website keyword modify

we can see love for the results of the query are displayed is love Shanghai snapshot is normal, and the next day, the two tools check out different, what one can believe, love Shanghai did not give specific comments, but we’ll see through the site website snapshot.


here reminds me of is probably recently on the website of the title, description, keywords changes caused by reasons, because the update this Thursday love Shanghai, may be affected by a little.

if you have Links be K or drop right site must be cleaned up, otherwise punished too late to cry, at least should be tested every day, this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to develop good habits.

this morning we found the site of a two level domain name didn’t love Shanghai rum page snapshot, and then I query the next rank, was ranked in the second page, now ranking has a lot of back, the domain name has been in accordance with the formal methods of promotion, the chain is also follow through gradually, but why there will be no love Shanghai snapshot, we all know that the snapshot is every day we care about, it can reflect you this site has not been free from the spider, spider welcome, once did not love Shanghai snapshots, so our website has not entered a dangerous period, the following we give test results analysis of the example love Shanghai snapshot, the first is the use of love Shanghai webmaster tools, the site was detected, as shown below:

3, Links involved


because the rum information is compared with the news, then the editor when possible to add article content is original do not so extreme, and love Shanghai recently and just update the original algorithm, and users pay more attention to the experience of the website, so if you do not good enough, then love Shanghai must be ruthless.

When the detection chain

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