The founder of vision enterprise website construction of Shanghai dragon three golden laws and preci


              before writing a "founder Visual Web: how to communicate effectively" to tell you the time to talk about the website what should be done. The site down, to make the work, then Shanghai dragon enterprise website construction to planning ahead, otherwise once found change when the problem again, the cost will not increase. Once a friend made a website, the website has been done for half a year, keywords are beginning to have found that ranking, website page title is too long, Shanghai is the best search results display title is not complete, there is no way, he changed the title, the result is the page snapshot backwards, keywords ranking drop. Another example is that a friend is doing health care, and found that his site in a stable, long tail keywords website is not stable, because page similarity is too high, the list of data, too much boilerplate text, no matter if the long-term, will soon be competitors catch up, be eliminated. If the process of enterprise website construction found in the path of the problem is even more trouble, so the site keywords life cycle will become shorter. So, how to avoid the rework site later? We need to make a plan before pre production sites, three of the following criteria are to talk about visual programming, for discussion!

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