Tumblr’s six years of growth from one person to 100 millionThe higher the ranking the more valua

is actually a lot of people are considering using this method, 100M virtual space only a few dozen yuan a year, the domain name cn is a piece of money or buy, the overall cost of less than 100 yuan, you can set up a station within a day, if you set up a month, a conservative estimate there 20 or so, so if each station can do offline, at least 400 yuan of income.

cooperation with the deepening of recent Ali mother launched a series of activities, the recommended plan based in an army of ants on the site, according to Alexa website ranking represents recommended value, as long as the Alexa in the global ranking 5 million within the site, recommended that prizes, each 20 yuan or by accounting, if ranked 1 million less than an increase of 5 yuan, the total reached 25 yuan, if it can be recommended to the global ranking 500 thousand within the station, you can get a bonus of 30 yuan one-time recommended.

recently launched Ali mother activities can be more and more popular, the launch activities Antz program launched and put the code on the money ", increase the stimulation of the personal webmaster community participation enthusiasm, and with the continuous Discuz network, two site cooperation, will reach deep into the station, and bokee and mop, cooperation, and advertising platform to expand the field of action but with great blog, looks good.

is now in business for 6 years. Tumblr has been bought by YAHOO for $1 billion 100 million, and Arment has touched it. He reviewed the early days of Tumblr and its later development. After all, he looked at the company and David Karp step by step.

2007, Karp desktop

, is not to say completely useless, many SEO can try, establish websites for SEO ranking advantage, generally a dumpster hanging half a year, PR to 2~3, so you can take this.

in fact, this activity from the surface of the figures, there is really great temptation, if you can recommend ten websites every week, earn one thousand or two thousand, not too big problem. But many webmaster will disdain: "ten recommendations a week, impossible!" then we will now see if there is the possibility, or how to do such a thing.

but this station with sh419 to do dumpster blow gradually restricted, why? Because sh419 is not included, basically no traffic and ranking, especially the mass production of garbage station, now the situation is not included, and is likely to be the K domain name, and that the operation will bring the above cost consumption, cost more than earn higher, generally not recommended.

one. Use your website group

is more important, sh419 once the web site that rely on garbage flows to support GG, and Ali mother advertising to set one yuan per week, then according to the current analysis of one yuan advertising hot, every month 4 yuan each station still earn to increase the income of 80 yuan and intangible in. By ten months, nearly 800 yuan a year, plus nearly more than 1000 of the income, at least to offset part of the cost of doing the station.


you remember last month to sell the Instapaper Betawork Marco Arment, in fact he has another identity – joint founder of the famous Tumblr and CTO, then left the company in 2010, become independent developers and technology bloggers.


Arment and Karp Strike while the iron is hot. soon, Tumblr increased the function of reblogging, this website is no longer a simple content publishing platform, but with social elements, so that the morphology of the products to be unique. Followed by the summer of 2007, Karp decided to stop site outsourcing services, seeking funding, all time Tumblr before, two people’s income depends on the income and deposit Karp consulting work, very limited budget. Thus, in November 1, 2007, two announced funding and launched Tumbl>


soon two of them developed a prototype of Tumblr, and obtained Lifehacker reports, and the report on the front page of Digg first place, please note that it was 2007, and now the position of Digg very influential, almost Reddit, users love to go places. How many people were interested in the idea of Tumblr at that time?.

But the introduction of

David Karp in 2006, a few months later, he worked with Macro Arment to do network development

in 2006, Arment has worked with Karp to develop websites for media companies, including Frederator, Serious, Eats, and so on. In the fall of that year, before looking for new customers, Karp told Arment that he had an idea for a while and was going to do it. The domain name of the website has been bought, it is tumblr, it will be the platform that releases "tumblelogs" note.

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