See some form of love Shanghai right down and Solutions

and Site

four, Domain and love Shanghai’s ranking is not synchronized;

recently love Shanghai ventilation is more and more serious, the hands of the half for the site, really big head. The following simple analysis of a right to drop several forms, if not full place please enlighten.

is no longer the first;This is no longer the in the first place;

some, but not very common, do not look carefully and it is hard to see, because the ranking is usually in the back, my website form is SIte snapshot is a Domain snapshot in August 20, August is 17, Shanghai love search results is August 7th, really want to be loved to death in Shanghai, the main the reason is the weight of the chain is not enough, love Shanghai spider climb, if this ranking is also possible, once the ranking will be very good synchronization.

In the case of

never did this have been carefully observed, because recently found more frequently, found the problem, Domain and Site are not unified, form Domain is slower than Site, Domain and snapshot love Shanghai in search results, search results is slower than Site, now I have solved this problem absolutely, is the lack of high quality chain.

three, Domain and Site snapshot time synchronization;

this is not what to say, so they say, but I also found that site is no longer home down the right, or included start to reduce, not updated snapshot update or super slow, it is all make all come.

home page, not immediately sure is right down, can be divided into two categories: A, in your web site does not appear above you in the title of the website, and then you above is not normal, the other side may love Shanghai weight is really good, such as large news and so on, this can be sure drop right. At B, in your web site in the title, such as Webmaster Tools query ah, Links Exchange page will appear in the title, this I think is more common, I think it is not the right down the site itself is not much weight.


Four may

two, Domain

said above is not some issues have not been concluded, such as love Shanghai station sandbox, like, I just met my analysis of this a few standing problems, analysis, which aims to provide a more comprehensive look at master gives thorough article original, reproduced please keep 贵族宝贝 www.xmztd贵族宝贝, thank you.

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