Jingdong 618 self play supporting role POP will become the main

news June 5th, days before the disclosure of the Jingdong during the anniversary promotion plan 618, billion state power network noted that this year, the biggest change is that the home court has started from the original proprietary parts to POP platform.

Jingdong 618 POP business’s seven resources

one, including books, drinks, fresh, home, home appliances, home improvement, clothing, beauty, mother and baby nine categories to accept POP business registration. The Jingdong has promised to use EDM, business class, SEM, SEO, wide point the way for POP businesses back.

two, Jingdong preheating 618 big promotion, before the event, the Jingdong launched every day low price, sale, brand show three large-scale activities, and these three activities, businesses can submit POP.

three, 618 during the warm-up, pushing the main function is to pay attention to the brand of Jingdong business shop, and home court pages to coupons and reward, promotion shop, TOP shop shop, explosive goods, price area and other forms to attract users.

four, the introduction of Jingdong to help and to buy a marketing approach to the topic and knowledge based soft promotional form, interactive main activities to provide users with some recommendations, shopping guide, introduction, etc..

five, the most noteworthy is the Tencent stake in Jingdong, WeChat as a level entrance began to return to the Jingdong, in accordance with the provisions of the merchant to mention the explosive goods, driving traffic into the store, WeChat sync to promote micro shop. However, WeChat back to the store and have a micro shop operators have the ability to operate.

six, during the special arrangements for the promotion of POP pool, pool of a total of 100 single items, updated weekly, while meeting the temporary call directly.

seven, FBP, SOP: Jingdong to provide marketing services for businesses, and is responsible for the warehousing, distribution, customer service and other services, support Jingdong limit of 211, since the goods, cash on delivery, credit card and other services POS.

Why did

push POP?

athletes and referees, Jingdong’s dual identity has been a long time, but also to the time of choice. For the future to impact the scale of Jingdong, the most appropriate choice in the domestic POP model.

had the most contradictory for the Jingdong, Jingdong listed, is bound to pull ahead of the high volume of transactions, while the platform is only a commission to suppress the advertising revenue, development platform from the perspective of the Jingdong; and to profit, it is necessary to enhance the rate of gross profit level, most open platform revenue can become a margin, encourage the development of the open platform is the core part of the solution. So, for now after the listing of the Jingdong, is the time to let go big POP.

from the brand side, Liu Qiangdong said at the POP conference last year, a single platform turnover of more than 50%, is not a good thing. I hope every seller, don’t hope for a." This is to tell the brand, to prevent Tmall and Jingdong, a single large, any channel.

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