Take the O2O line of Suning to counterattack the Jingdong

January 11th and 12, the two day, Zhang Jindong, Suning group, the national executives convened in Nanjing, held in the spring of Suning in 2015 will be deployed, morale, to continue to fight for the transition. According to relevant sources, in 2015 and in the same year in 2014, is still the implementation of the strategy of Suning transition. At the same time, Suning will vigorously develop rural electricity supplier, to consolidate the mother and the supermarket category, and the corresponding organizational structure adjustment.

for Zhang Jindong, 2014 was not stable. In the first three quarters of this year, Suning hand over a net loss of more than $1 billion in dismal performance, and is expected to lose again in the fourth quarter of $150 million. Although paid a heavy price for the transformation, but Zhang Jindong did not feel the tragic zhuangshiduanwan. He quoted Buffett as saying that "people who focus on the game can win the game, and the winner will not be the one who is glued to the scoreboard."

elephant turn takes time. In Zhang Jindong’s game, the future of retailing is not a pure electricity supplier, Ali and Jingdong only representative achievements. He believes that O2O is the future, put forward the integration of the two wings of the transformation goals, Suning to build an Internet retail as the main body, the development of the integration of online and offline giant. To this end, Suning in early 2014 established a large operational headquarters, open up the online and offline organizational barriers; in the end of the logistics, Suning set up an independent logistics company, laying a new warehouse and distribution network; in addition, the focus of the transformation process, the values of unity are Suning in 2014.

is worth mentioning, in Suning make snap reform at the same time, Jingdong, Ali two rival in 2014 has listed in the u.s.. Said in an interview with the NetEase and Suning vice chairman Sun Weimin day before: "(Jingdong, ALI) listed so that we re standing on the same starting line." Sun Weimin believes that in the new order of competition and industry trends, firmly take the O2O line of Suning future will have the opportunity to accumulate steadily, completely pure electricity supplier counterattack.

electricity supplier is not so great myth." Hou Enlong, vice president of Suning, told reporters, after the elephant turned, its power will be extremely amazing."

Logistics Reengineering

our central warehouse covers an area of 200 thousand square meters, after the completion of the Jingdong will be Asia’s No.1 warehouse of two times." Suning executives point to the construction site, proudly told reporters.

According to

, this is located in Nanjing, Yuhuatai, the national logistics base, the use of automatic equipment, the cost is not cheap. The reporter saw in the No. 1 has been completed, the library, automatic storage shelves 8 26 meters high is everything in good order and well arranged operation. Goods from storage, storage, picking to delivery, almost all by the machine to complete, the manual only need to give assistance in some stages of convergence.

Suning executives said the above, after the completion of the logistics base can contain 1 million 500 thousand SKU (stock units), a total of 20 million commodities,

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