Online shopping platform management will be incorporated into industrial and commercial supervision

How to

online shopping platform management shop, how to protect the interests of consumers, how to disclose relevant information, not known to the public the rules have focused public appraisal legal professionals will be in the future. State Administration for Industry and commerce, the city industry and Commerce Bureau recently signed a joint with the National People’s Congress law school, will focus on the development of online shopping platform management rules, rules and regulations of information disclosure rules and other 5 aspects.

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, people’s University School of law on the development of a platform for public evaluation of the rules of the contract. According to reports, such as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, pat, shop No. 1 the network commodity trading platform, although already known by consumers, but the platform of some internal management rules, the public does not understand, such as shop in platform need to review the contents, the platform and how to supervise the business activities, the shop closed platform the shop, which platform the annual sales of fake and shoddy goods received many consumer complaints and reports of enterprises and how to deal with, how many shop platform can make money. In addition, some of the public interest platform management, management rules, has not yet been included in the scope of administrative law enforcement agencies.

it is understood that the business sector of the entrusting people’s University School of law at the "public platform rules assessment activities, will focus on the appraisal industry reflect the most intense, consumers are most concerned about the work and business supervision, most closely related to the five rules, namely shop management rules, trading rules, trading rules, service management rights protection rules and the rules of information disclosure. The evaluation will be led by the National People’s Congress law school, with the industrial and commercial sectors, network commodity trading platform to participate in the community public evaluation. After the establishment of the National People’s Congress Law Institute, announced specific programs, mainly through two ways of evaluation. On the one hand, WeChat public number, micro-blog media, portal website, set up a special area and evaluate the collection channel, on the other hand will be invited to engage in third party trading industry professionals, legal professionals through field research, seminars, discussion and questionnaire and other forms of review. The business sector said that the platform can provide official text of the relevant rules of the people’s Congress law school, in order to facilitate evaluation of the community. For the official text of the platform does not provide the rules, the public can be assessed according to the information received.

said the business sector, the development of "public platform rules" is to promote enterprise autonomy, self-discipline and social governance, strengthen the network commodity trading platform third party supervision, protect the legitimate interests of consumers and operators. NPC Law School in early July will be released to the public platform rules for public comment "of the" study ", the business sector on the basis of further development, modify the network transaction management regulations and normative documents, involving market order and public interest platform management, management rules, all included in the scope of regulation.

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