How can you write a good copy without a knife

had a friend to chat with the president:

I think the president of

, a copy of feeling good, you help me pointing


I say good ah, you sent me

then I see, is a copy of



objectively speaking, this is a very interesting copy

but nothing, after reading the text, in addition to feel interesting, the president did not see any information related to the XX –

of prunes

compared with other prunes, what is the core advantage? (fuzzy rational income)

XX eat prunes, can bring unique experience what? (perceptual return fuzzy)

no, "eat less" became a gangster logic without basis, consumers what to listen to you? (do you have a few billion budget brainwashing?)

no, this is not the era of attention scarcity should copy

in the president’s view, this era of consumer advertising has been so immune, leaving a copy of the reading time may really only a glimpse of the

one eye, you have to win

copy itself interesting and not copy all the interest behind the transfer of information, is the key to winning the

in other words, interesting and good copy of


president believes that copy should be like a knife like

a knife open demand, a knife to impress customers!

knife open demand

sometimes, your product is not something that consumers are badly in need of


can understand the consumer’s time and energy is limited, often care for this and lose that

and a lot of product categories, is to find alternatives to

, such as a guy too much work pressure, want to go out to play a circle, relax

so in order to meet the "relax" demand, he can choose to go bungee jumping, can also choose to travel, or to stimulate the

haunted house

put in front of his choice is really too much, no matter how good you are, nor grace scored

in fact, the so-called marketing, in essence, is to solve the problem of competition

in order to compete for consumers time and energy, the president believes that the following two ways to start


intercept consumer demand

consumer demand is how to produce?

in the president’s view, a lot of time consumer demand is sudden

, for example, suddenly felt a lot of pressure

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