Marketing is more terrible than cancer

some time ago to cut a lump, the doctor preliminary laboratory said it might be malignant tumor, let me do what immune combination check. I can only surrender, in my mind only one word: money is not a problem, because at that time the people are limp.


if intimidation marketing can do this, it’s too good. Medical and anti-virus is the most dangerous to play the type of capital marketing, most people do not have the courage to doubt them (even if there is no doubt that there is no chance to prove). When health and even life is threatened, poor people will say that money is not a problem. Therefore, some business is to have a higher moral bottom line, such as health care, teaching, health care products. If you are fortunate enough to enter these industries, please first agree with the common people: perseverance to do a moral person.

the next psychological process, I finally understand the "positioning" in the book saying: you see, you want to see; you hear, what you want to hear.

preliminary examination of the doctor told me that may have been a bad thing, on the list of two suspected diseases, as follows:


I took the mood of a lot of Baidu an unsettled state of mind. under these two kinds of disease information, a whole morning very upset. In fact, check the first time see Baidu Encyclopedia has been almost the same understanding, is a highly malignant tumor, which is fatal. However, I do not want to accept this reality, then toss about Baidu many times, is hoping to find some more positive data, whether it is true or not, I just want to see a glimmer of hope in despair.

: when I find out the eyes to those such as "malignant" and "cancer" and "chemotherapy" and "prognosis" negative words, will avoid them unconsciously, very hard to pretend not to see; when those "cured", "treatment as early as possible," "early detection", "not necessarily" with the hope of words, will be repeated several times or even good preserved, eyes emit light of hope. In addition, I will continue to collect some of the inspirational stories and medical wonders to fight cancer, so that their hearts.

for the bad things, our eyes will consciously or unconsciously escape, because we have the advantage of psychology. Look at things, even the most pessimistic person, but also with a good psychological expectations to go, not seen, it has been processed in the brain. This is the legend: what you see is what you want to see.

for the ear also disadvantages, a channel which is also receiving information. When there is a friend to comfort me, I feel special place: now the hospital is this money pit, the doctor will scare people, just to make you more money. This is the hospital’s unspoken rule, you worry about a fart!


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