How to skillfully use 360 pockets to earn more quality chain

quality of the chain can not only quickly improve the site’s RP value, but also to improve the search engine on your site’s weight, thereby increasing the amount of collection and keywords ranking. Like space, blog, forums and mailing and promotion methods everyone for having heard it many times now teach you how to, using 360 pockets ( quickly earn more high quality chain.

360 pocket is to keep the useful information in it, convenient and practical information collection tools, download a key collection plugin can also quickly take your love content to your income 360 in the pocket, for after the inspection, but also to recommend to other main bag browsing, is to use the bag main recommendation function put your collection of content recommendation to 360 pocket on the front page to allow more users to browse. If other users like the article you recommend, they will be transferred into his pocket, so that you will be added to a chain. All of the chain is not pointing to your 360 pocket, but point to your collection of the article where the page path. I like in the pattern of the mobile phone SMS network text "shocking! Classic comedy" message, where the path in my pocket. The title of this article will point to this article, I transfer possession of this article is the user.

a good recommendation article, was transferred to the possession of more than tens of thousands, but also a few hundred. Not only to bring you a lot of the chain, but also transformed a lot of traffic.


bag is recommended in the morning of 12 points per day, a total of 100 opportunities, each bag can only recommend a master. And can only be recommended within 7 days, if your article is not within the collection of 7 days, you can not recommend, I suggest you send a new post oh. Not only can recommend the bag to the home page to allow more users to browse the collection of articles, but also recommend to the classification, recommend to the classification of the request was not as high as recommended to the first page, each hour can recommend a, also recommended number of restrictions.

recommendation techniques:

suggested that the user can recommend some interesting, practical articles, recommended to pass the audit, to cherish the opportunity, recommended products, not only can increase the chain on your own website, but does allow other users and visitors return,


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