Webmaster these two methods you used

wrote a few articles in the webmaster online, many webmaster friends and I communicate with the website promotion experience in website promotion methods many but really suitable for their own methods rarely, recently in the promotion of Engineering China auto parts network summed up the method two I think can also come and share with you.

site is the need to promote, regardless of money or not to spend money or to promote, promotion in order to let more people know our website, in order to improve traffic. The first method below I say is a blog, there are many blog sites, because the project is Chinese auto parts industry website so I first Bo in the enterprise blog online, and launched their own blog in Sina, the NetEase’s website, blog, best to use your site keywords, my blog a direct use of the auto parts network engineering, of course you can also use the site like www.cmc169.com, but also on the front page of your blog to hang on your website link, the next step is to publish the article, write a good article by large websites words do not say we all know, writing in the article in addition to your website or a link to the page, but should pay attention to don’t spam or will be deleted by the network, even the search engine that is Spam. We each person’s energy is limited, the article and the better, but also is very difficult, but now there are a lot of writing software, if the number of links if you just pursue a try, although the feeling will not happen, but after all Chinese engineering auto parts network is the company’s standing still caution is good I do not use the software. Of course, the article wrote again good blog is not included in the search engine is useless, you can increase the external links of your blog, a ring set to guide the search engine spider crawling to your site.


blog finished, then the turn of space, of course I am not saying that the QQ space, I said that the Baidu space, with the project name do auto parts network open a Baidu space, also in the home to hang China engineering auto parts network link, every day you can find on the website of some good, hot, the novelty of the press release on the Baidu space, the article above your website link, and then go on several high popularity space so they stepped back, because Baidu is Baidu, so Baidu is taking care of the Baidu space, so it is easy to record your space in the content, so that Baidu spiders along space to crawl your site up, I in Baidu site, found Chinese engineering auto online not be included in Baidu’s content to be included in the Baidu space, huh.

of course website promotion is a boring work unremittingly, your blog, space to constantly update, regular access to high popularity of the blog, space, so that they will return, so it’s easier to improve the site visits and collection.

hope to be helpful to all of you, QQ:947148130 this is my QQ, hope and the network of like-minded friends exchange!

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