How can the planning activities an awesome business platform

business platform activities awesome degree is what they have seen, almost no holidays will appear large-scale promotional activities, these activities planning led to the basic interests of businessmen. But business platform activities are not complete brings the gospel, some time ago Taobao "double eleven" activities, to the seller may bring reverse effect, that whether these effects could be attributed to who? In fact, can only say that he is not planning to sell good activities, as home to share activities planning.

first: understand the activity rules, prepare the active product. No matter what kind of activities are a certain rules, the activities of the electronic business platform is the same rules. The seller in advance to participate in the activities of the need to have in-depth understanding of the rules, intensity of promotional activities is what, in the product could be buyers, the sales promotion season is more suitable for what kind of products, at the same time in determining what goods before, but also certain analysis of the commodity, how goods before the sales, how buyers evaluation, how the demand for commodities, a period of activity is to be able to make such a small effect, Taobao will continue to invite you to participate in activities to participate in activities, if also can not have a good sales volume, it can only say that your goods are not in need of buyers, such activities plan even if failed.

secondly: planning commodity prices, preparation of supply in advance. You need to set the corresponding commodity price activity before the start of activities in the promotion is awesome, preferential limit is great, usually on the discount, if you choose the commodity price was low, the profit is scanty, that through the activities to, you are basically out of money state. This is not to participate in activities than their own loss, it would be better not to talk about energy planning activities. The main purpose is to promote sales, improve their profitability, so be prepared in advance of commodity prices, high commodity prices, so that even in the activities of many discounts, also not let himself lose money. There is a need to prepare their own source, double eleven lead is the logistics warehouse full of goods, the time to send, this situation is completely before the activity is not ready, before you should prepare goods in advance, advance packed, have very good guarantee of the quality of such goods also can wait, when to pack, may the quality of the goods can not be guaranteed, it will lead to being poor in the activity, it The loss outweighs the gain.

again: in the event to prepare automatic reply, timely delivery. Business platform for everyone to develop the habit, no matter what products to buy, all love before and business talk, maybe you don’t have much time to reply to the buyer issues at the event, for this phenomenon, you should prepare to reply, set the automatic reply, so in the shopping when will buy, the buyer is sometimes encountered if not timely respond, do not want to buy such goods, resulting in the loss of tourists is the biggest loss. There are a lot of people in the activities of the order, >

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