Shop promotion experience summary and problem solution

open shop with more than a year to learn to promote, network marketing. In one year of promotion experience, now a small summary, and some new problems found.


1, a lot of friends shop early are very industrious little honey, often go to the community but not paste Huitie, adhere to a period of time will be discouraged, think little effect, or no effect, finally will only complain about

in the Forum

2, why people will write good good sticky, will add, or become hot and sticky. My level is not high, and can not write out what wonderful things, do not write, no fun.

3, started on the new hard, drawing, and actively cooperate with others some good ideas, finally because don’t think business, no meaning, no time, no effect is literally shop, emerge of itself and perish of itself.

4, look at others and is the heart of the drill, my goods are also very rich, good service attitude. Why business is not good?

5, the family also support me, I often go to the forum, the community, but also full-time practitioners, but why pay and return is not proportional to it?

two, problem solving:

1, you have to write post reply, hard-working, you also have to write post ornament, see your heart. But why don’t you stick to it?. Anything could not have done a short duration of time. You look at yourself, not with decades of time to grow so big, so you in Taobao to spend the time and effort is too little, and success is not proportional to the fundamental. You want to be like mom

2, for the first question, I personally feel that to do a thing, there is a positive moment is not enough, but also need to persevere determination. If you already know your text is not wonderful, can not enter the essence of paste, you can write in your story, ah, what ah. The other is the mentality of the deal: and a lot of Taobao buyers spend ten yuan to the same mentality of goods of one hundred yuan. Can not sentiment to be realistic. Taobao women’s community so many categories, you can always find the right fit, huh, huh. Nurture you: patience, love, responsibility.

3, which is one of the most undesirable way, with the metaphor of life called no responsibility. The shop is a child, you personally play out, you have to spend some time with him, take him to see the other community, give him a beautiful picture, dress up more often, he grew up with, looking at the store growth, the satisfaction that you don’t want to experience it. Do not be discouraged for a few days without business, gave up, the world’s lucky few people, most people’s success is to rely on their own efforts and adhere to the. I believe that we are good, we are good for the growth of the sun, water, and land.

4, fourth points, in fact, needless to say. Someone in life

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