Talk about WeChat marketing and QQ marketing that effect is good


is a subsidiary of Tencent after QQ second instant messaging software, legend of WeChat users worldwide more than 500 million people, 300 million daily active, so alarming figures do not know who is counted? If QQ more than 500 million users worldwide and I believe, the first thing a lot of people open the computer is landing QQ. As long as the computer can access the Internet, in the lower right corner of the screen will be a small penguin. This little penguin with the lives of Internet users from the PC end to the mobile terminal.

remember my first mobile phone is JAVA when the system installation is the mobile phone version of QQ2005, then play QQ, QQ competition between friends is hierarchical and QQ show. After the mobile phone system update, now mobile phone system has been occupied by Android, IOS, WP three systems, including Android and IOS share in WP system to lose out to be roughly the same.

mobile phone QQ with the progress of the mobile phone system, the function is also more complete. Open the phone every day to refresh QQ QQ space is the first thing to wake up in the morning, QQ hot space, causing the attention of businesses, so businesses have to use QQ space marketing products.

industry in a variety of QQ marketing articles overwhelming, a large number of QQ marketing experts sprung up from the ground. A variety of training on the QQ marketing in the fiery. Whenever I see certain space using the QQ day to earn the bucket on the Internet, I scoffed at. Who is so stupid? To make money to share? What are the ways to make money out of it?

this only shows two questions:

1: this method is out of date, can not make money, to share out;

2: the expert’s writing ability, made up a pass, in some cases, write with the real thing, the way to a collection of collocation map, so let readers.


can really make money, who would be so silly share out, also some collocation collection map, and these figure is nothing but let you trust, to hide the truth, your eyes.

people like to focus on the industry will be able to find a problem, each new product will not be long before the listing will be a lot of experts"..


is also unfavorable, WeChat marketing experts, WeChat promotion experts, these experts are mostly self styled, belly a little writing write a few articles on marketing experts claimed


marketing is the same fabrications, 500 million users of WeChat? When WeChat just listed, I believe that the user is bound by WeChat QQ large users a lot. But what about using WeChat every day as a QQ?

WeChat is actually a hot copy out of the business, the use of WeChat’s public platform marketing products, naturally in the promotion of WeChat, WeChat and the relationship between the business is a bit mutually beneficial

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