Network marketing analysis from 7 points

now, network marketing has become one of the industry’s hot. More and more enterprises and individuals have realized the necessity of developing network marketing, at the same time, a large number of network marketing service enterprises. Whether for business or personal, or network marketing service agencies, in the development of network marketing, targeted marketing analysis is very necessary. Through the network marketing analysis, using data and reality to guide their own network marketing steps, can effectively improve the efficiency of network marketing. Brief introduction to the direction of the seven network marketing analysis, combined with a variety of directions, it is possible to make a relatively objective and accurate analysis of network marketing.

1, domain name analysis of a good web site, first of all have a good domain name. As a network marketing analysis, we must start from the domain name of the target object. The reason why the domain name analysis as the first network marketing analysis, because the domain name in the network marketing activities have played an important role. The domain name is selected to be modified once, is the project a lot of injured in the sinews or bones, you need to work related to network marketing. So in the domain name on the selection, we must be careful, more contrast and analysis. We can provide the domain name query function through the OnlineNIC website to facilitate the search for a variety of domain names. Including the query domain name has been registered, domain name registration information query two functions. Whether it has been registered registered a can also query the three domain name prefix, can also query the.Com,.Net,.Org, Chinese.,.,. Net,.Tv,.Cc,.Info,,,,.Cn,.Us,.Biz and other domain name suffix. Domain name analysis, including the relevant domain name query and domain name to determine two. Query by the relevant domain name of the domain name, domain name, alternative creative competitors such as domain name, can understand the situation and registered the domain name registration information, to determine the final is selected a registered domain name or domain name through the purchase transaction more optimistic about the registered domain names.

2, web site analysis is the basis of network marketing. In general, the network marketing to do a good job, the site is certainly more desirable. How to analyze a site is ideal if there is insufficient, how to improve it?. These questions need to be answered by website analysis. To introduce a better web site – world network. This is a professional website to provide testing and analysis service website. Through the world network, you can use a variety of Web site analysis tools to analyze your site. Including: network connection speed test, network path node backtracking analysis, web site reaction speed test, web page characteristic test, WWW server detection, webtrends website structure analysis services. Web site analysis is mainly from the site connection, response speed, and other aspects of the analysis of its own structure, strong technical. Site analysis, can effectively grasp the various types of website data, thus to consolidate or improve, in order to carry out various forms of network >

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