f Xi visit technology bigwigs to marketing is how the The Eight mmortals Crossing the Sea

Abstract: Xi visit these days, really let entourage mood hard to heal, from micro-blog to the circle of friends, we feel guies waves surging emotions.


titanium media note: Sino US Forum on the Internet became a good opportunity of a new round of marketing occasion, learning greatly under the leadership of all science and technology heavyweights have resorted to a variety of exposure tricks, micro-blog, intelligent mobile phone, social network broadcast took turns, the gangster is how The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea:

360 Zhou Hongyi: micro-blog is not enough, live!

14 technology heavyweights

Xi’s visit greatly in the follow, our 360CEO Zhou Hongyi may be played one of the most exciting, is the first micro-blog sun photo, is a then a pepper live, think in week view, while listening to the national speech, while also raised the mobile phone live, the world ", for the other side of the China far in the audience, but also very fight.

has about ten million fans at sina on micro-blog seems to have found out the week, micro-blog language Road, followed by Xi visit, this topic is not let go. Interestingly, blogger Zhou Hongyi has been through micro-blog only a few dozen words, at that moment, modality.

The total

of the first week following the president’s visit, although in China, already can be called "big brother", but the trip, he still appear, greatly next to Zhou Hongyi was also like a "little brother", was to read the micro-blog know.

did not seem to what people using a mobile phone to shoot, make me very nervous, huanglihuangzhang took out a mobile phone, also should not be too obvious, also dare not raise or stretch, even have no time to focus lens zoom operation, probably to a few fast Qi, quickly stuffed into his pocket, the result is not good.

fortunately, micro-blog users love to see, is the big V of the state expert embarrassed, but little embarrassed, micro-blog this is welcome.

drops Cheng Wei: come to the point of high-end

in the accompanying list of entrepreneurs, the most surprising is probably in the outbreak of the 2015 drops of the boss, 33 year old Cheng wei.

in Chengwei micro-blog remains in June 14 years, did not say on this trip to the United States, but this does not mean that drops do not care about this visit, but on the contrary.

The beginning of an

, by the mobile phone client login interface, has been on the United States, show very clearly, by WeChat, push today’s headlines is not what the Mid Autumn Festival, send you a ticket home by bus, but a $3 trillion photo on the right.

push in less than an hour, the amount of reading this article titled "peer" and the world. It appears as 100000+, a photo of a word, from the dimension of the trip to the drops of the cooperative strategy, then a talk about national >

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