How fast WeChat friends

micro credit in 2015 just a few days time bound several hundred million bank card is undoubtedly a golden opportunity for micro business, and for most of the derivative ignorant of how to grasp the opportunities are often inaccessible. As a perennial operation of WeChat software, small and micro business in this regard to give you a specific discussion of the biggest bottleneck of micro business – how fast plus WeChat friends.

commonly used to add friends have the following points:

1, face to face to add each other’s micro signal.

2, through the introduction of mobile phone address book friends.

3, through the floating bottle to add strangers.

4, open the radar, by searching the surrounding WeChat users to add friends.

5, shake the phone to add a strange friend.

the above 5 methods we used to add friends, as a whole, the circle of friends in the micro business expansion is slow, the promotion is too small and restricted by space, WeChat friends on the accuracy of strong restriction, ultimately resulting in the derivative itself with WeChat since the media marketing failure.

next to give you the recommendation of the real micro business necessary plus friends business philosophy:

the first, through the import QQ friends:

In the

Internet era in QQ than WeChat is undoubtedly more popular, for a variety of Internet marketing by washing, so it is inevitable that we use QQ to find the accurate customer than WeChat more efficient, and view QQ friends this column in the general function of WeChat, can be very convenient to our QQ. One friend into WeChat. This time through the QQ group, to find potential clients to check the exact QQ friends for micro business will soundless and stirless draw, multiplier.

second, through the Internet resources:

on the Internet has provided consumer channel Taobao, Jingdong, the U.S. group and other large consumer companies for the majority of buyers, so the target customer is extremely large, so why don’t we take advantage of this has been the formation of the Internet market? The answer is: must use. How to use


1, with micro-blog, blogs, forums and other "open source" platform to do publicity, in addition to the exchange of experience, knowledge can also increase the amount of our WeChat friends;

2, through Baidu, search engines, such as the introduction of their own know, questions and answers to promote their own WeChat and micro shop

third, by joining the WeChat group:

as the QQ group, WeChat group is in like a raging fire is established, on the Internet, various types of WeChat group, a group of QR codes is the micro business through a superb collection of beautiful things, you need to find the group group name card to selectively add, and then through the WeChat group in the function to add WeChat friends, achieve accurate customer total the effect of.


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