Preparation before website promotion

There are a lot of

online now on the website promotion articles, including many ways, actually website promotion way is the same, sometimes we don’t need so much promotion strategy, and only need to make a website and approach to the promotion of further down, insist on your site will flow. Here are some website promotion preparations:

a website positioning analysis

1 web site analysis: the site of their own anatomy analysis, the purpose is to find the basis of the site.

2 site positioning: the site itself, clear the location of the site.

3 competitive analysis: analysis of the site belongs to the industry, the industry of large web site analysis.

two website comprehensive diagnosis

1 structure diagnosis: Web site structure is reasonable, whether it is efficient, convenient, whether in line with the user access habits.

2 page diagnosis: page code is streamlined, the page is clear, whether the page capacity is appropriate, the color of the page is appropriate.

3 file diagnosis: file format and file name is reasonable.

4 access diagnosis: access statistics installation, access to the background analysis, regional analysis, keyword analysis etc..

three website marketing

1 keyword analysis: keyword is appropriate, keyword density is reasonable.

2 search engine landing analysis: what kind of landing, landing information is comprehensive, effective landing.

3 link analysis: how popular is the link site, whether it is related or similar to the site.

four website optimization

1 website structure optimization

2 page optimization: page layout, page design optimization.

3 Tag Optimization: optimize the design of related labels.

do these, we can start to promote the.

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