Borrowed 1 yuan to send 100 yuan a bid to promote the introduction of search engine NetEase

registered NetEase pass 

NetEase pass will be the only ID you log in search promotion. If you have to get NetEase pass, please log in directly Youdao search promotion, and follow the registration procedure according to the prompt; if you have not previously registered NetEase passes, please here or quick registration by Youdao search home entrance promotion.

1, fill in the name of the NetEase pass user

2, fill in the password related content

in order to protect your account security, please keep your password and password protection, answers and other important information;

3, read the terms of service to complete the registration

in the complete date of birth and gender and other basic information and input validation text, if you believe that you have seen and agreed to the terms of service "NetEase", please tick here, and click the "register" button to complete the registration process permits NetEase.

registered promotion account

1, fill in the login information

use your NetEase pass into the proper way to search the promotion, please first in this page for the promotion of the account registration. You need to provide the required information mentioned in. Need to remind you that the promotion of the name and URL information can not be modified once submitted, so please be sure to fill in the real and effective information in order to get better service in the future. E-mail, industry, the area, contact name, contact telephone number and other information can be changed at any time according to your needs.

2, activate your account

after the completion of the registration process, your registered mailbox will receive a NetEase search to promote the activation of the account number of the link, you can click on the link to activate your account and log on to promote the dissemination of NetEase system.


deposit 1 yuan, a little skill: please carefully control the operation of









add promotion

1, view message

NetEase registered account login Youdao search to promote the use of the

, you can directly enter the news page, here you will see us to send you the latest news, as well as customer service according to your system Settings > for promotion

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