Thinking of Shenzhen 500 million e commerce support every year

e-commerce broadly covers a wide range, including almost all online transactions. In the narrow sense, for example, Taobao, Jingdong are the most typical e-commerce operators. Shenzhen government in the next 7 years at the level of support for e-commerce enterprises in the region has a very good reason and the basis of 3 billion 500 million.

now Foxconn 12 jump, there is a serious pollution of the Pearl River Delta OEM oem. On the one hand, Foxconn employee pay reform, for employees to raise the burden, which led to a significant rise in the average wage in Shenzhen. On the other hand, local governments began to seek a way out for the future of the local economy. This is the Shenzhen government to spend 3 billion 500 million to support the Internet industry, especially the fundamental reason for e-commerce. The Internet industry without any processing of raw materials and chemical products without much harm to the environment, development practitioners can education and income are very high to take better care of other services, in a relatively small investment and a relatively short period of time may have a very rapid development. These advantages encourage the government to have greater determination to support the Regional Internet industry. Support e-commerce can undoubtedly indirectly support the already very mature logistics industry in Shenzhen.

According to the

analysis and my personal views, this support was only a Shenzhen IT industry arm. The development of the Internet industry in Shenzhen depends on the regulation of the market and the ability of local Internet companies. Although e-commerce is now in full swing, but it is not difficult to see the potential bottleneck of its development. The logistics cost increase, the corresponding tax to improve and continue to strictly, the number of e-commerce sites to increase market share and reduce lead to vicious competition market price, the electronic commerce website from the angle of technology and design more and more easy to be copied, good day 3 years after the e-commerce investment boom in the investment period close to the end of all let the e-commerce market come to an end in 2-3 years. It is estimated that in the near future, the majority of Shenzhen e-commerce sites will be in a dilemma because of poor management after the 2012 government investment. Followed by the impact of local logistics in Shenzhen. Therefore, the more rational investment may not be very encouraging benefits.

but this investment will have a very positive value. Increased support for the Internet will allow Shenzhen to become the next, Shanghai, and Hangzhou after another IT talent gathering. These young IT talent will be the fundamental driving force for the next generation of innovation in Shenzhen. In addition to selling gold business may be rich gold. Around the other auxiliary E-commerce Internet companies will continue to grow and develop. For example, the Internet and the light-emitting media advertising design companies, interactive media companies, advertising agencies, focusing on network marketing and marketing solutions provider. Advertising, network brand design and planning, search engine optimization, and even the Internet community platform will become a new growth point in the Internet industry in Shenzhen.

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