On the road of electronic commerce in the future 5 years in China

in May 2009, I had the honor to participate in the first net goods trade Alibaba in Guangzhou will be held, Ma Yun heard a speech, feel benefit, I thought I was very young, but abandoned the development of electronic commerce. Back in Yiwu, I analyzed why our peers have grown so fast these two years, and it’s getting harder and harder for us to survive on our old customers. So I decided to devote themselves to the study of electronic commerce, start from the basis, to explore the future trend! I have to go to the Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay and other companies to visit, communicate with Ali’s staff, but also to the various forum master asked the development status of e-commerce, and now my half a year learning perspective to share it with you. I hope to help you.

, a China e-commerce is the development trend of B TO C (enterprise directly to customers) will become mainstream, they are the best way to meet the consumer demand at the same time, he also maximize the interests of enterprises, but the development of the B TO C website promotion will be very difficult, difficult and logistics constraints will be it has become a stumbling block, but I feel this is the trend, this trend will complete the basic preparatory work in 5 years later, after the rapid development.

two, the search engine will be rapid development in the past 5 years, because he is pulled to B TO C development of a strong force. In China, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, in the past few years will fight to fight, or other new search engine will be destroyed in this battle (search engine is becoming the technology and capital estimates new plaything, difficult to survive, unless the revolutionary technology or mode of birth), the final formation of the Three Kingdoms situation.

three, B TO B market growth will gradually slow down, in the market will form the monopoly of the Alibaba, an enterprise information query and online identity authentication plays the role of Alibaba in the future, such as HC, such as B TO B business website market will shrink.

four, the most promising is Taobao and other C TO C market, in these 5 years, they will slowly evolve, they also want to pave the way for the future of the B TO C market. The future of the real C TO market in the next 2 to 3 years, there will be explosive development, and then to a certain extent will turn to B TO C. Personally, taobao.com will soon become the world’s largest website, one is his market strategy, they have now started Taobao mall to B TO C, on the other hand, we trust Ali, believe that they will create a miracle. Pat Network will soon develop, on the one hand, the market will develop rapidly; on the other hand QQ this tool as a cornerstone, really awesome! Feel Baidu has ah will develop with the search engine and the C TO C market growth, but the development is not so smooth, Baidu’s strategy is to focus the search engine, there is a subsidiary product of their search; on the other hand, his rivals like Taobao.

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