A sharp development trend of B2B Electronic Commerce

2010 is the B2C electronic commerce website of the year, because in this year, many potential B2C sites surfaced, have received large sums of venture capital, and some have already started to adjust the strategy, no longer silently, but put up a pageantry to occupy the market, ready to dominate the world. The number of these sites to get wind is not a small number, are tens of millions or billions of funds. Of course, this piece of B2C is certainly profitable, the reason why there is such a big venture, because the B2C profit is small, and the cost of the occupation of the market is very high, this is not the average person can withstand.

in B2C development, B2B website development in silence, the development speed is slower than B2C, but the effect of advertising is not B2C so strong, so we pay more attention to the B2C, after all, the majority of Internet users need is B2C, while the enterprises only need to B2B.

why do we want to talk about the development of B2B, because more Internet entrepreneurs and not huge funds, certainly not like some of the B2C site as one can come up with billions of dollars, while B2B does not need such a big investment, they just want to start, without the need of goods, logistics etc. these funds input.

of course, not to say that B2C can not enter, there must be suitable for the development of small and medium enterprises, I will also talk about the future.

China’s Internet development today, the number of Internet users has been soaring, which means that in the future, more and more people rely on the Internet to find information. So, for the enterprise, in order to allow yourself to get more business, you must display their own information on the website.

to do a corporate website, which of course is necessary, but an enterprise can not solve business problems, because fewer people, if not, basically no one will see, then SEM, which relates to the investment problem. And a corporate website, no matter how optimized, it is difficult to make a lot of people see the enterprise information.

this is the problem of corporate information exposure. How to make a company’s information to allow more customers to see it. Now we find information, one on the B2B site, two is the search engine. So the best way is to publish information on the B2B website, and then search engines can also be included, so that more people can see.

if released only on a B2B site, because the search engine, a message may not always be in the front row, after a period of time will disappear, so much more to the B2B website, so as to achieve greater exposure.

from here we can see that in the future, the B2B website is not a few dominant, but All flowers bloom together. The bigger the B2B website, the smaller the chance for an enterprise to get the order in it, because once the data is large, the information will soon be submerged in the ocean. So companies have to go to a number of sites to release information.

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