How to open a shop my story

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a lot of people are at the heart of thought many times, want to dare not open a few years ago, I also like to work hard, since after the promotion, work time on the Internet, the younger brother do, the hearts of the entrepreneurial dream lit, I shop to do now, what to say is a matter of regret, is early why not try a few years, Ali’s father founder Ma Yun said: the next five years not to do business, you will regret it. Said very reasonable, online shopping is becoming increasingly common, now open the store that one does not learn to open a shop; one open shop, all want to gradually develop into a store, so it can be two-way channels to sell things, business is much better. Consulting QQ:2813217134 shop related issues can find me

I am a 80, working for almost 9 years, really wanted to do poineering work all time without clear aims, do not know how to start a business, what should I do, everything seemed very confused, each encounter organic before, not afraid of being cheated and give up, just didn’t have the courage to try, and can not find to do what project. Very distressed.

a month ago, I read an article about a father in Ali, 80 girls younger than me, write their own virtual story, then let my heart, so with many questions and talked to her for a few days later, decided to do it, this time I have been in the study, said the first feeling true or why I do not go to do, my master swallow is a girl younger than me, but she has made a very good achievement, what people have the courage to prove, that, if you don’t even have the courage to start, how to talk about business.

online shop sooner or later, I still say: there is no unprofitable business, only those who do not do business. I’m glad I found a good master, he called the swallow, might see this article a lot of people know, because she taught many more disciples, I finally did, really was pregnant with the $300 learning attitude, 300 block that is really a meal, no I don’t want to light you can learn a lot of knowledge from the open shop, how to open online banking, how to apply for Taobao, Alipay how to bind to the application, and store store decoration, and finally to promote such a step by step, my teacher very patiently taught me to do over, each one feels fresh and exciting. Now I can teach others really very happy, the future goal is suddenly clear.

finally, or to tell those who have entrepreneurial dreams, if you have a good project, and do not know what to do when you can like me, start from here, I believe success is starting from today.

as long as you set a good goal, it is necessary to give immediate action, and then never give up, insist on the final is successful!

for the 80 of us, let us one

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