Ai Rui 09 years China B2B transaction size fell by 6 4%

On January 6th, iResearch recently released data show that Chinese B2B e-commerce transactions after 08 years of rapid growth, the impact of the financial crisis, 09 years trading volume fell 6.4%.

global financial crisis led to a substantial decline in China’s import and export trade, which led to the decline in the size of B2B e-commerce transactions. However, the financial crisis has brought development opportunities at the same time to the B2B electronic commerce Chinese, 09 years Chinese B2B e-commerce transaction size penetration has reached 11.3%, the main reason is that small and medium-sized enterprises to use e-commerce in raising awareness, e-commerce can help SMEs to reduce costs and expand sales channels. At the same time, the core operators have taken different measures to save the market, improve the user experience, foster e-commerce development environment.

with the macroeconomic rebound, iResearch consulting predicts that in the next few years, China’s B2B e-commerce will show a rapid growth trend, into a new stage of development.

market size: China B2B e-commerce market transaction size fell 6.4%, did not meet industry expectations

according to iResearch statistics forecast, 09 years China B2B e-commerce transactions was 2 trillion and 780 billion yuan, down 6.4%. iResearch analysis, the main reason for the decline is the financial crisis of Chinese foreign economy caused great impact, Chinese trade volume fell dramatically decreased, while the domestic environment is Chinese can not be optimistic about the domestic trade size also appeared slight decline, the dual influence of internal and external environment of B2B due to the decrease in size of e-commerce transactions.

from the performance of each quarter, the decline in the size of the B2B transaction is gradually reduced, the gradual emergence of macroeconomic signs of recovery. IResearch predicts that in the next few years, with the rapid economic growth and enhance the penetration of e-commerce, China’s B2B e-commerce transactions will show a rapid growth trend.

industry data: China B2B e-commerce transaction size penetration reached 11.3%

according to iResearch statistics show that 09 years, the scale of China’s e-commerce transactions accounted for by the overall transaction size (online and offline trading scale) reached the proportion of 11.3%, steady. The size of the transaction which is to raise the proportion of reasons, on the one hand, the number of access to information by using the electronic commerce platform of small and medium-sized enterprises on the rise; on the other hand, some of the original use of e-commerce platform for small and medium enterprises, the online trading volume on the growth of.

competition status: Alibaba market share continues to expand, the market structure is basically stable

according to iResearch statistical data estimates, from the operator’s revenue scale, 09 years, China’s B2B e-commerce operators revenue reached $6 billion 300 million, an increase of 13.8%. Shipped from

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